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The Robertsons

Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down

Today is the 20th anniversary of an intensely fought battle in Somalia. But this is not just a story of war, survival and death. It is also a story of trusting God, faith and a realization of the importance of eternity, as told by one of the Rangers who led the charge in battle. The […]

Grace Follows Obedience

“We know generally that the grace of God follows every act of direct obedience on our part. If we search out even the most minute commands of His law, and do them; if we show that we would not have a word uttered by Him fall to the ground, we testify both to ourselves and […]

Ben Crane: When All Is Right in My Life

On the serious side of things, PGA touring pro Ben Crane answers a question about the moment when he realized he had “arrived” in his career as a professional golfer – and gives a great answer. Ben Crane also has a not-so-serious side – in fact, just downright funny. I’ve posted two videos in the […]

The Making of An Apostate Is A Professing Christian

  Don Currin’s testimony:   Follow regular updates on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/JoelTaylor_

Tim Conway’s Testimony

Ryan’s Testimony

Too close to home for far too many:

You Can’t Blame God For What Happened To You

I Found Rest In Christ – John’s Testimony

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. – Matthew 11:28-30

Saved From Spiritual Cancer – Content With Physical Cancer

A Young Man’s War Against God In A Perverted World

“Daniel is 18 years old and was saved by the Grace of God one year ago. This is his testimony of the saving Grace of God, after living in rebellion all of his life and at war with God, the Lord saved Him. Daniel grew up in the church but lived a life of shameful […]

Tim Conway: Your Life, Witness & Testimony

“What do people see when they watch you go through life? Are you conducting yourself in a way that will honor and glorify Christ as the treasure He is?”

Rachel Barkey Has Gone To Be With The Lord Jesus

A few months ago I posted the video message of Rachel Barkey showing her testimony of hope in the face of death. Rachel went to be with the Lord on July 2, 2009. Her testimony was a blessing to many. I never met her, did not know her, but her testimony touched me deeply and […]

A Testimony: Marvelous Light

Rachel Barkey: Death Is Not Dying (A Testimony of Hope In Facing Death)

“After four and a half years of vigilantly fighting breast cancer, the 37 year old wife and mother of two was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But for Rachel the essence of life is found in her relationship with God through Jesus. And that’s why Rachel is convinced that death is not dying. On March 4, […]

Saved From The Sinners Prayer

Praise the Lord: Don Johnson’s Testimony

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What Is True Repentance? Ask Pastor Bob Jennings

Posted 3/06/09 @2:10 p.m. (EST)

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