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Keith Green: The Full Story

The day I heard the news that Keith Green had been killed in a plane crash, I went outside to the back of where I lived to a plush, tall shaded tree, sat down while making sure I couldn’t be seen, and leaned up against it and cried like a baby. At the time, I […]

October 20

The Old, Old Story [In Two Parts]

Arabella Katherine Hankey: Born: 1834, Clapham, Surrey, England. Some report circa 1846. Died: May 9, 1911, London, England. Miss Hankey, daughter of an English banker, was known as Kate to her friends. Hankey belonged to an evangelical group known as the Clapham Sect. The group was mainly known for its anti-slavery and pro-missionary stances. Hankey […]

Film: Still Standing – The Stonewall Jackson Story

This new film documentary on the life of Stonewall Jackson looks great for the whole family. Jackson is one of those truly notable Christians in American history. From Franklin Springs Family Media: His legacy as a military genius is widely renowned. Now, in Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story, his legacy as a man of […]

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