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Secret Sins

David Leach: “Christian, your secret sins are never secret. (Prov 15:3) You may go to desperate lengths to secure your darker impulses and antinomian activity from your church, your neighbor your family and your co-worker but you utterly lack the resources to hide them from the eyes of the Lord. Even if you are profoundly […]

Why Do You Care What People Think?

Don Green of Grace Life Pulpit, gives us very practical instruction on how to mortify, kill the desire to be praised by men while doing works of righteousness. The issue of doing right things with wrong motivations concerns every believer. Pastor Green brings out two important points in his message on Matthew 6:1, In the […]

September 15

The Means of Divine Transformation

The means of Divine transformation is the renewing of the mind: It is the mind that is renewed. The mind is the higher, mental part of man which initiates his thoughts and plans. It represents the sum total of the whole mental and moral state of being. The mind must be renewed because of its […]

Rick Warren Promoting More Me-Centered Mysticism

 “America’s pastor” is at it again, promoting more me-centered everything. Yes, boys and girls, Rick Warren, the faucet of doctrinal folly has written the forward to one very interesting book written by the Rev. (no less) Dr. LaVerne Adams, or perhaps I should refer to her by her popular moniker “Dr. V! The Divine Destiny […]

The Will Of God (Part 1)

This is the second post of a series on the Observations of the Divine Attributes of God by Jerome Zanchius (1516-1590). They are a great help for better understanding the gloriously comforting doctrine of predestination. The first post by Zanchius can be found here, entitled “The Divine Wisdom & Foreknowledge of God”. I highly encourage […]

Tim Conway: How Should I Pray?

“In this Ask Pastor Tim the question of “How Should I Pray” is answered. This is very important because many people will have the wrong motives in prayer, or will believe they are praying in the Spirit when it is not the case.:

A Plea For Those In Secret Sin

  Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) NOW I come…to plead with all my might with some of you whom God has pricked in your consciences. I have come to entreat you, if it be possible, even to tears, that you will give up your secret sins. I have one here for whom I bless God: I love […]

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