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White House Responds to Petitions for Secession

On November 7, 2012, some folks in Louisiana petitioned the White House to peaceably withdraw their state from the Union, followed by many more states. The White House has responded, and, as anticipated, the answer is basically, “No.” However, we do well to remember our history and that the federal government has no constitutional authority […]

Texas & Secession

Most of my readers are well aware of the earlier post regarding Louisiana and some residents there who’ve petitioned the White House and the Obamunist administration for peaceful withdrawal from the Union in order to form their own government. Well, after only a few days, residents from many, many more states have also filed. You […]

Louisiana Residents Petition to Secede from the Union

Update, Nov. 11: Since Louisiana residents filed the petition to secede, 14 more states have also started petitions to peacefully secede. Those states include: New York, Oregon, Colorado, New Jersey, North Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Texas. On Nov. 6, Americans voted to return Barack Obama to the White House; […]

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