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Polyamory: The Next Frontier of Civil Rights

Same-sex marriage is so 2013. DC’s permanent revolution isn’t about to stop now that the courts are about to make homosexuality the new normal. What’s next? Polyamory, or multiple-partner marriage, that’s what. And how interesting that Unitarians, who were central to the civil rights revolution of the 60s, and its continuation into the same-sex marriage […]

11 Year-old Gets Silent Treatment from Politicians on Same-Sex Marriage Question

Transcript: My name is Grace Evans and I want to thank you for letting me speak today. Even though I am only 11-years-old, I know that everyone deserves to have a mom and dad. If you change the law that says two moms or two dads to get married it would take away something very […]

The Gordian Knot of ‘Gay Christianity’

It has been told in Greek history that Gordius, legendary peasant whose son, Midas rose to be King of Phrygia, dedicated his ox-cart to Zeus with the yoke tied to a pole in a very special knot. There were no ends to be seen. This pole was no less than in the very center of […]

Homosexuality: For Christians, There Is No Debate

Obama’s recent announcement in favor of same-sex marriage caused a flurry of articles and blog posts on the subject across the reformed blogosphere. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why. It’s almost as if the verdict among Christians on homosexuality is still out and we’re all in the courtroom hallway waiting to […]

Same-Sex Marriage: How It Affects Your Family

No, marriage is not a private matter, because it affects every aspect of culture, our national society, our local communities, our neighborhoods. It affects you and your family and your children in ways you may not have imagined…yet. There is a documentary out entitled The Problem with Same-Sex Marriage, a must-see film put out by […]

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