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September 25

10 Reasons Why Roman Catholicism and Christianity Will Forever Be Irreconcilable

The issue which is often brought out amongst Protestants and Catholics is whether Roman Catholics are Christians and does Catholic theology agree with the Bible? It is the sincere belief of this writer that Catholic doctrine cannot be considered biblically accurate and is therefore incompatible with the written word of God. In this study we […]

Roman Catholicism’s Most Heinous Theological Heresy

Of all that is wrong with the cult of Roman Catholicism, perhaps it may be said that the greatest heresy birthed in darkness and propagated throughout the centuries by it, is the deification of the ‘church.’ Rome claims the Church is of divine origin, and indeed, the true Church is. Yet Roman Catholicism goes much […]

May 14

Wycliffe Translators Using Protestant & Baptist Contributions to Publish Roman Catholic Bibles

Wycliffe Bible Translators are producing Catholic bibles and translating the apocrapha. In Scripture, the Church is described as “the pillar and support of the truth” I Tim 3:15. Our labor, therefore, should be to maintain and preserve it. Wycliffe, a supposed Christian organization seems to have forgotten that there is a line regarding Scriptural doctrine […]

May 03

If We Truly Believed Sola Scriptura

If you give the Church fathers and tradition such a place in your heart, you must, in all fairness, allow the Roman Catholics to use the same to declare as divine authority such heretical teachings and practices as the use of holy water, prayers for the dead, the invocation of saints in prayer. Yesterday, after […]

Should Christians Observe Lent?

I’m not against traditions, generally speaking. On the contrary, I’m all for it. Raised in the South, I enjoy Southern traditions to the hilt, and unapologetically. Yet, when it comes to Christians observing Lent, I’m a little more than hesitant to give a green light. The practice and observance of Lent is extra-Biblical, human tradition, […]

Is Roman Catholicism A Cult?

Absolutely – and I have to disagree with Jerry Johnson in his conclusion. The RCC is the largest cult in the world. To conclude that they once were the true church that became corrupt and should be labeled ‘apostate’ instead of a cult seems to be stretch. He has an interesting approach to answering the […]

Cooperative Baptists Going the Way of Emergents

  There’s a disturbing and growing trend in Baptist camps, namely, that of the practice of contemplative worship. It’s an ancient form of worship alright, but it’s not biblical. Just more strange fire leading Protestants back to Romish popery. This article in the Associated Baptist Press (ABP) talks about this growing trend. Listen to one […]

5 Features of New Calvinism

New Calvinist has a two-part series of articles on “Who Are the New Calvinists?”  The Lectures by Ted Williams were delivered at the School of Theology, Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, on July 4, 2012. The lectures were read by Darren Cadapen, a member of the Tabernacle fellowship. From Part 1:  New Calvinism, The Gospel Coalition and […]

John MacArthur: What Real Catholics Believe

J.C. Ryle: Why Were Our Reformers Burned?

J.C. Ryle THERE are certain facts in history which the world tries hard to forget and ignore. These facts get in the way of some of the world’s favourite theories, and are highly inconvenient. The consequence is that the world shuts its eyes against them. They are either cut dead as vulgar intruders, or passed […]

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