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October 17

The Hardening Influence of Spiritual Things

“Many a tailor goes in rags, that maketh costly clothes for others; and many a cook scarcely licks his fingers, when he hath dressed for others the most costly dishes… It is a sad thing that so many of us preach our hearers asleep; but it is sadder still if we have studied and preached […]

The Least Spark of Grace Is Precious

Richard Sibbes: There is an especial blessing in that little spark. `As the new wine is found in the cluster, and one saith, Destroy it not; for a blessing is in it: so will I do for my servants’ sakes’ (Isa. 65:8). We see how our Saviour Christ bore with Thomas in his doubting (John […]

Richard Baxter, Student

From Good Mr. Baxter, Vance Salisbury’s biography of Richard Baxter: Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth. – 2 Timothy 2:15 This is the sanctification of your studies, when they are devoted to God, and when he is […]

The Ten Ages of Man

Cats may have nine lives according to some, but the ancient Greeks apparently focused on the one you have… You just get one. If it’s a ‘full’ life, according to the ancients…..this is how it will go. You may want to sit down for this. A child in his infancy grows his first set of […]

Why God Does Not Delight In Non-Christian Art

 This post is a response to Tony Reinke’s article “Does God Delight In non-Christian Art?” in which he concluded with a ‘Yes!” Tony is editorial and research assistant to C.J. Mahaney. The article was written apparently after Mr. Reinke was influenced by Richard Mouw’s work He Shines In All That’s Fair: Culture and Common Grace, […]

Book Review: The Selfless Gene – Living With God & Darwin

Author: Charles Foster Publisher: Thomas Nelson The term ‘Christian evolutionist’ is an oxymoron. It is a compromising term suggesting the possibility, if not the very existence, of the compatibility of two previously interpreted opposing worldviews. The Selfless Gene by Charles Foster attempts to reconcile neo-Darwinism with the Biblical account of creation found in Genesis, aka […]

Richard Bennett: Catholic Mysticism & The Emerging Church Revisited

Want to know more about how ancient roman catholic mysticism has now become modern practice in mainstream Protestant churches? Then you’ll appreciate this video. Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest, presents an informative and eye-opening examination of how the Roman Catholic cult and the emergent ‘church’, with their Bible-twisting, gay-affirming leaders such as Tony […]

Richard Baxter: How To Spend The Day With God

adapted and updated from RICHARD BAXTER (1615-1691) by Matthew Vogan A holy life is inclined to be made easier when we know the usual sequence and method of our duties – with everything falling into its proper place. Therefore, I shall give some brief directions for spending the day in a holy manner. Sleep Measure […]

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