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September 11

They Call Me Mr….No They Don’t

This is not a well thought out post over many days. There’s your warning. Now, why do young people seem to no longer address those much older than they are as ‘Mr.’ or Mrs.’? It could be an outright lack of respect for other human beings, regardless of age. Think gangsta mentality, or, the kids […]

Love, Hard Work & the Respect of A Father

I’m an agrarian by philosophy (as opposed to industrialism and the myth/lie of the philosophy of progress), and hold in high esteem the agrarian lifestyle – farming. It was God’s first vocational calling for mankind – tilling the soil to grow things. In Genesis 2:5, there was no man to cultivate the ground so after […]

Must Be A Message

When it comes to the respect of the Word of God, there should be no doubt. And sometimes, it may be hard to express to others. Regardless, I think this video from the classic western ‘Lonesome Dove’ teaches us a long lost lesson on respect,…. or does it?

John Piper: Jesus Treated Women Differently

Full video can be found here.

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