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Trump to Obama: “Let’s Make A Deal”

Self-promotion expert – and a guy with a lot of money – Donald Trump is offering the President a deal. Release personal records, including college and passport records and applications, and Donald will write a $5 million dollar check to the charity of Obama’s choice. Well, this is silly. Obama’s already a multimillionaire. Does anyone […]

Q&A: Where Do You Draw the Line in Music?

*** Please Note: This post does not answer, nor does it even deal with the question above. It is not intended to. “Drawing the line in music” was the question asked me, but the question misses the point of the original post, Christian Rap Is A Lost Cause, from where the question was asked. Don’t […]

Mission: Skydive From The Edge Of Space

First he skydives across the English Channel….22 miles…and enjoys it.   Now, he wants to jump from space. 23 miles above the earth…alone. I’ll just watch, thank you.

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