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February 22

Reformation Heritage Books, New Calvinists and the Roman Catholic Connection

Here is a vital question: Will the steward be found faithful? (I Corinthians 4:2) Can a gospel minister be considered faithful to Christ and His Word who promotes the sale of books by those who proclaim error and associate with the enemies of Christ? That is the question which must be asked about Dr Joel […]

October 23

The Ecumenical Pansy-ism of Dr. Russell Moore

You can tell a lot about someone’s theology and tendency to pander or be politically correct by reading what they write about. I do not say that in a pejorative way. Well, it’s true, I fail to appreciate (read “can’t stand” ) being ‘PC’ and pandering is not one of my strong points. When it […]

Roman Catholicism’s Most Heinous Theological Heresy

Of all that is wrong with the cult of Roman Catholicism, perhaps it may be said that the greatest heresy birthed in darkness and propagated throughout the centuries by it, is the deification of the ‘church.’ Rome claims the Church is of divine origin, and indeed, the true Church is. Yet Roman Catholicism goes much […]

August 13

New Calvinists in An Active Roman Catholic Monastery

Where, pray tell, is the stand against Romanism? – JT From Ralph Ovadal: “When are star-struck evangelicals going to wake up and stop blindly following grossly compromised celebrity ministers? I am talking specifically now about even men who supposedly hold the line and contend for the faith but who “say, and do not”—men such as […]

A Principle for Spiritual Discernment

You will gain an enormous amount of spiritual discernment in our 21st-century world if you understand this one principle. Catholics, charismatics, and Mormons have this in common: they usurp (in different ways) the authority Christ gave exclusively to the first-century apostles. – Don Green Note: I would add the same charge to new Calvinists and […]

Is Roman Catholicism A Cult?

Absolutely – and I have to disagree with Jerry Johnson in his conclusion. The RCC is the largest cult in the world. To conclude that they once were the true church that became corrupt and should be labeled ‘apostate’ instead of a cult seems to be stretch. He has an interesting approach to answering the […]

Abortion, Capital Punishment & A Dubious Agenda

Ever noticed how weakly and by what technique much of Catholicism and so-called mainline Protestantism (especially of the more liberal persuasion) engages the evil of abortion? They often falsely and dishonestly link abortion with capital punishment as though there was some sort of obvious and compelling moral equivalence between the two. They will argue thus: […]

Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms

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iPhone App Features Rosary Beads

According to the Telegraph in the U.K., a ‘christian’ media company (and I seriously doubt it) has “devised a rosary bead application for the iPhone, giving tech-savvy believers a convenient way of counting off their prayers.” The Prayer Beads App has been launched in time for Easter and is available for £1.79 from the Apple […]

Leaving The Roman Catholic Church

It turns out an old Neil Sedaka song may have rung true beyond parting relationships between boy and girl. When it comes down to no longer being counted a member of the RCC, breaking up really is hard to do. Or at least it’s more of an involved process than one might think, as this […]

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