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The History of Rapture Theology in American Christianity

This video gives us an historical overview of the rise of rapture theology in popular Christianity and its harmful effects. Worth watching, because neither premillennialism, dispensationalism or postmillennialism makes any biblical sense. None at all. Millennialism is, in fact, one of the greatest heresies of our day. HT

Harold Camping’s DIY Rapture Machine

I’m sorry, but some things, well, they just can’t…umm..well, there it is. – JT     HT: Lane Chaplin

The Death of May 21st–Harold Camping’s Big Fat Lie

It’s well known that I am unashamedly Baptist and thus, not Lutheran, but, I really like this guy. From Worldview Everlasting (watch the video to the end): Worldview Everlasting feels fine taking on Harold Camping’s silly prophecies through the Anti-Apostate Apostate Family Christian Radio. Tune in, especially after May 21, if you’re really scared now […]

John Piper Interviews Rick Warren At Saddleback

Dr. John Piper interviewed Rick Warren at Saddleback on May 1. Until yesterday (May 18, 2011) both the full transcript and video of the interview was available online. However, as of yesterday both have ‘mysteriously’ disappeared. Whether the material has any connection with Harold Camping and been removed in preparation for the upcoming rapture is […]

Oil, Israel & The Apocalypse

Dispensationalists say that there are no signs leading up to the rapture but there are signs leading up to the tribulation. Since the tribulation is supposed to occur right after the rapture, signs for the rapture would, by default, be signs for the tribulation as well. Throughout history, every major disaster has been touted as […]

Tim Conway: Dispensationalism – Is It Biblical?

So many people have seen the Left Behind series or grown up in a building like John Hagee’s…but is everything they teach biblical or not? As a system of theology, I believe it is false! John Nelson Darby, C.I. Scofield, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Charles Ryrie and others at Dallas Theological Seminary, have brought great confusion to myriads of […]

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