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Russell Moore, Al Mohler–Blurring the Line Between the Holy & the Profane

From Newcalvinist: “Dr. Russell Moore spoke about how the church can dialogue with the hip-hop culture. He said: There is something in hip-hop that we can learn from in all kinds of ways, in our evangelism, in our discipleship, in our preaching, especially in our preaching. He asserted that the lyrics of rap music are […]

Mark Driscoll, Jonathan Dunn: “We’re Starting A Record Label”


A Real Relationship with Our Father

When I recognize and affirm that in my walk of sanctification, I can in one act please God and in another displease him, my daily relationship is moved away from any category of abstraction or theory, and I come to sense the biblical reality of truly relating to God on a daily basis. Yes, again, […]


Ok, I said I would follow up the earlier post on the kerfluffle between Ingrid Schlueter and Chris Rosebrough. I’ll keep this relatively short for a variety of reasons, not the least of which it’s Saturday, I’m sick, and I’ve more important things to do like plant veggie seeds, and the fact that all this […]

A Blogger Moratorium

I listened to an interview of Frank Turk this evening over at Pirate Christian Radio, hosted by the much loved and respected Lutheran, Chris Rosebrough. During that insightful (and, on occasion, brilliant and worth-the-money) interview, Frank suggested something that caught my attention; a four week moratorium on bloggers who don’t go to church. Good idea, […]

The Twelve Days of Winter

Conservatives answer to ‘the war on Christmas’?

Judge: Evidential Records Could Be An ‘Embarrassment’ To Barack Obama

Ever wonder what Obama did on his first day in office? 1). Promise transparency of the Government in hopes of restoring the trust of the of the American people. 2) On the same first day in office, gave an executive order to seal all presidential records. You can read the original WND article on the […]

Todd Friel On Jessa Bentley – The Dream, The Elephant & The Shameful Wife

"This woman is not Nebuchadnezzar…she interprets her own dreams!" – Todd Friel Friels comments are a result of the following video where Jessa tells us all about her prophetic vision, the elephant…and talking to Oral Roberts.   Related Post: Public Rebuke Of Todd Bentley

AFA Radio Host Calls For Legal Sanctions On Homosexuals

Bryan Fischer, a radio host for American Family Association, says it is biblical to impose the same legal sanctions on homosexuals that are imposed on intravenous drug abusers. Fischer reasons that if society believes an IV drug abuser needs to be put into an effective detox program, then the same should be done for practicing […]

Tony Jones Speaks With Forked Tongue!

Chris Rosebrough of the Fighting for the Faith radio program has caught Emergence leader, Tony Jones speaking out of both sides of his mouth regarding his reasonings regarding the sin of homosexuality. Listen to it here.

Church Discipline & How It Strengthens The Church

Part 1: Part 2:

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