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Preach with Authority, Not Authorities

A first-class book, The Mystery of Preaching, by James Black (pp. 127-28) warns against quoting. Paradoxically, the author relies on quotations, which I borrow. “Have you noticed,” asked James Denney, “that the Apostles seldom quote, except from the source of their authority?” “In my experience of listening to sermons,” declared George Adam Smith, “no art […]

The Lost Authority of the Pulpit

Theodore Wedel: Is the authority of the pulpit under a cloud in contemporary church life in America? Statistics are not available, and armchair indictments ought to be suspect. Yet evidence is not lacking that the Sunday sermon, still an institutionalized marvel of loyalty to tradition in our common life, occupies a place of less importance, […]

Pulpit Plagiarism: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Question: When has a preacher crossed the line into plagiarism in his sermon? D. A. Carson: First: Taking over another sermon and preaching it as if it were yours is always and unequivocally wrong, and if you do it you should resign or be fired immediately. The wickedness is along at least three axes: (1) […]

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Note: Every Sunday is actually, biblically, pulpit freedom Sunday. Preacher, preach the Word, in season and out of season, and even on politics, whether they like it or not! – JT.

Pulpit & Audience–Is It Biblical?

The idea of a preacher, a pulpit and an audience is certainly not a novel one. It is as ancient as the Scriptures themselves. In Nehemiah, chapter 8, verses 1-6, we find this testimony: And all the people gathered as one man at the square which was in front of the Water Gate, and they […]

The Proper Length of A Sermon

How long should a sermon last? Until people start looking at their watches? Until you can audibly hear the growling of stomachs from the pulpit? I know that, as a Baptist, typically, sermons run roughly 45 minutes to an hour. Yes, some churches – with all the entertainment and singing, special music, etc, leave on […]

The Black Robe Regiment

The Black Robed Regiment was the name that the British placed on the courageous and patriotic American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black robes they wore).  Significantly, the British blamed the Black Regiment for American Independence, and rightfully so, for modern historians have documented that: There is not a right […]

Things Young Pastors Should Avoid

The present crisis affecting the world is A CRISIS OF THE WORD. What is at stake is the authority of the Word of God, and the right and timely declaration of the same. As preachers we must not only hold to it, but labour to understand it more, read it more, and by conference with […]

Five Things Pastors Do That Hide God’s Glory

Jared Moore has a good post here on 5 common things pastors do with unbiblical implications. The post is based on the premise that everything we believe or practice reveals God’s glory or hides it: When preaching for emphasis, we’ll make this observation, “Do you see where God repeated Himself? It must be important then.” […]

Humor: A Seminary Education – Priceless.

Shortly after commencement, the young seminary graduate was being considered by a pulpit committee for his first pastorate. The committee chairman began the interview by asking the candidate, “Sir, how much do you know about the Bible?”  To which the young man responded, “I am a seminary graduate.  I know the Bible well; Old Testament, […]

New “Forgotten” Sermons From Spurgeon

Phil Johnson, of Pyromaniacs has delivered some good news. Personally, I’m excited about it. “DayOne publishers have released an excellent supplement to the New Park Street Pulpit and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit series. C H Spurgeon’s Sermons Beyond Volume 63: An Authentic Supplement to the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit is a quality hardcover volume with 45 “forgotten” […]

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