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The Blessing of Hard Times

In the day of prosperity be happy, but in the day of adversity consider— God has made the one as well as the other so that man will not discover anything that will be after him. – Ecclesiastes 7:14 I remember vividly lying in bed on the eve before my birthday. Tomorrow, at that time, […]

The Health, Wealth & Prosperity Gospel of Evangelicals

I mentioned recently in this post, that, according to an NAE poll, over 65% of evangelicals hold to premillennial theology. One aspect of that which many have not considered is the plethora of promises being given to geo-political Israel which include the much despised teachings of Joel Osteen and the entire WOF movement: physical health […]

Mark Driscoll, T.D. Jakes, James MacDonald and An Elephant

Nuff’ said.

D.A. Carson On Giving Thanks

Clearly thanksgiving is a fundamental component of the mental framework that largely controls Paul’s intercession. But for what does Paul offer thanks? For what do we commonly give thanks? We say grace at meals, thanking God for our food; we give thanks when we receive material blessings-when the mortgage we’ve applied for comes through, or […]

John MacArthur: Slaves for Christ (Sermon)

From John MacArthur: “We’re going to turn to a subject in the New Testament that as I think about it is largely ignored and overlooked. And I’ve been made aware of that in recent months. It was not too many months ago that I was flying on one of those jumbo jets from Los Angeles […]

John MacArthur: Faith & Confession, Prosperity Style

“Here’s the topic for today’s discussion: John MacArthur’s clear examination of the central Word of Faith premise exposes the complicity of human greed in promoting the doctrines of demons. How do you think this plays out before a watching (and unbelieving) world? And what are the pastoral implications—how do you minister to people steeped in […]

White Horse Inn: Joel Osteen – Christless “Christianity” (Full version)

“The pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, which now owns the Compaq Center, and is now the largest church in America does not come across as a flashing evangelist with jets and yachts , but as a charming next door neighbor who always has something nice to say. However Joel Osteen is definitely a leader […]

Riding God’s Wave – The Secret To Rick Warren’s Success

Recently I was sent this slick little promotion for what turns out to be a biography of the life of Rick Warren entitled “Prophet of Purpose” and written by Jeffrey Sheler, a contributing editor of U.S. News & World Report. For the record, I have no doubt you’ve determined that a biography has been written […]

John Piper: Jesus And The Prosperity Gospel

“The All-Providing King Who Would Not Be King” – John 6:1-15

An American Shame – The Prosperity Gospel In Ghana

“In November the Global Conversation focuses on the prosperity gospel—the teaching that true Christian faith results in material wealth and physical well-being. While it has its roots in America, it has found fertile soil on other continents as well. To accompany the lead article in Christianity Today by Ghanaian scholar Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, director Nathan Clarke […]

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