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Wretched: False Prophet Fiasco

Two History Books for Your Library

Here are a couple of books regarding history that I highly recommend and believe every Christian should have on their bookshelves. There are plenty more I will probably recommend in the future, but these two are a good start. In my opinion, they are “must-haves”.   1. History of the United States – Alexander H. […]

A Visual On A False Prophet

Are you Protestant? Baptist even? Never actually seen a ‘false prophet’ that you know of? Allow me to introduce to you, Kim Clement. Watch this please. This is a false prophet. He’s real, not imaginary, not theory. Look at the charisma, look at the crowd. See how many are being deceived in one place. Think […]

Riding God’s Wave – The Secret To Rick Warren’s Success

Recently I was sent this slick little promotion for what turns out to be a biography of the life of Rick Warren entitled “Prophet of Purpose” and written by Jeffrey Sheler, a contributing editor of U.S. News & World Report. For the record, I have no doubt you’ve determined that a biography has been written […]

Rick Warren – Prophet of Purpose?

Don’t get excited, this last only a few seconds, but…..the message is clear. Someone thinks, and is promoting Rick Warren as the Prophet of Purpose…bigtime. Click here for a “shock” (but not really)

Tim Conway: Sarah Edwards Or Benny Hinn? Who’s The False Prophet?

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