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Abbot and Costello Explain Socialism


Useful Idiots

This 1984 interview with a former KGB agent and Soviet diplomat, Yuri Bezmenov is quite an eye-opener – especially when you see what is happening in America today. “Feminists and other leftists are useful idiots who serve only to destabilize the society. When the goal is reached, they will be “lined up against the wall”. […]

Little Boy Prays TO Barack Obama

The man stands for all things godless, yet how many other young minds in this country are being either taught or allowed to think of Obama as so much more than President? Barack Obama, thank you for doing everything and all the kind stuff. Thank you for all the stuff that you helped us with. […]

Louie Giglio Withdraws Himself from Presidential Inauguration

Louise Giglio, of Passion 2013 fame, has withdrawn himself from saying the prayer at Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration. I wonder why? Supposedly, he did so after being criticized for his anti-gay comments in a sermon that was dug up and promoted on the internet by who knows who. That, at least, is the report given […]

CA Supreme Court to Hear Obama Eligibility Case

Two well known historical figures that have hidden their birth records and used falsified records, were Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. We all know how that ended. – Orly Taitz Press release from the Law Offices of Dr. Orly Taitz Breaking news! Supreme Court of CA to rule whether Obama should be declared illegitimate for […]

Lt. Col: Obama Knew Immediately About Benghazi Attack

A Lt. Col called into the Rush Limbaugh radio show and explained exactly how and why the White House and the President of the United States knew immediately about Benghazi and that the Ambassador was in danger. And yet, those who have been given the power and authority to ‘pull the trigger’ on an immediate […]

Romney and Obama Are Not Goode

This is an interesting side-by-side comparison of presidential candidates. While many have made their minds up on who they will vote for, it’s good to be reminded that there’s more than two dogs in the race.

Billy Graham Site Scrubs Mormonism As A Cult

Shortly after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney enjoyed cookies and soft drinks with the Rev.  Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham on Thursday at the elder Graham’s mountaintop retreat, a reference to Mormonism as a cult was scrubbed from the website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. In a section of the website called […]

Who Won Last Night’s Presidential Debate?

This is pretty sad, considering that when these folks were asked “Who won last night’s debate?”, the debate hadn’t even taken place yet.

Moloch for President

If you vote in the upcoming presidential election, you will be casting a vote for an idolatrous, false god. Sound harsh? It’s true, and either way, regardless of who you vote for, the next President of the United States will be a representative of the spirit of anti-Christ. A Mormon or a Muslim, both reject […]

Honk if You Love Slavery

What I find so ironic about the video clip below is that blacks claim they and their ancestors hate slavery. And yet, people – both black and white – the nation over will be flocking to the polls to vote for Obama, again, in order to be just that, enslaved. They’ll vote for Obama, continue […]

Barack Obama, President of the USA & God’s Will

Think Barack Obama as President of the United States was not God’s will? Think again. By all means, vote in the presidential election, but know what our God has made perfectly clear: “I have made the earth, the men and the beasts which are on the face of the earth by My great power and […]

Voting for Romney: Reflecting A Heart of Unbelief?

Here’s food for thought and discussion regarding the upcoming presidential election. While this video will make you think, it should not be construed as my own position.

President Obama’s Extreme Views on Abortion

On August 28, 2012 the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced the launch of a $150,000 television ad campaign across Missouri highlighting President Obama’s extreme record on abortion and featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. Missouri has recently been at the center of the conversation on abortion. "In light of the recent national discussion over […]

70% Of Obama’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

Who’da thunk it? (USA TODAY) President Obama’s Twitter account has 18.8 million followers — but more than half of them really don’t exist, according to reports. A new Web tool has determined that 70% of Obama’s crowd includes “fake followers,” The New York Times reports in a story about how Twitter followers can be purchased. […]

Sheriff Arpaio: Obama Birth Certificate A Forgery, Finds ‘National Security Threat’

"For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous." – United States Founding Father, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, "Father of the American Revolution", Samuel Adams In case you missed the live stream of Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference (July 17, 2012) resulting from an intensive investigation of President Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold his current […]

Obama’s America

Opening July 13th, 2012….click picture for website and film information. Related articles: Obama & America in 2016

Can You Vote for Romney?

David Leach Some Christian friends of mine have proclaimed they have no intention of voting for Romney because he is a Mormon. Most of them plan to just not vote for the top of the ticket in the next election, and a few I suppose will vote for Obama, such is their disdain for the […]

Barack Hussein Obama: American Caesar

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the kangaroo Court has maintained the ‘Constitutionality’ of ObamaCare declaring his majesty’s plan a tax and not a mandate. Yet all along, they told us that it was never a tax! Now, suddenly, it is. Behold Obama, the American Caesar. Is this ‘Goodbye America’? Those who have been […]

The Post Turtle

There is a lot of truth here. Think about it. Remember to respect the office, not necessarily the man! – JT “While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old rancher whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. […]

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