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5 Ways to Be Really Popular with the Reformed Crowd

  In each case, if you have to, at least pretend. I mean, it’s not like you need to be honest, or biblical or anything. Right? 1. Embrace, love and/or promote ‘holy hip-hop’ music. Neglect this one, and you’re history. You may as well be Methodist in West Virginia. It’s the rage in promoting the […]

Fast Track to A Popular Ministry

You must not prophesy to us what is right, Speak to us pleasant words, Prophesy illusions. – Isaiah 30:10 The best, and easiest way I can think of to become popular in ‘the ministry’ is to proclaim and live God’s Word in a compromising fashion. Don’t apply, or asks anyone else to apply, any truth […]

Go Ahead, Keep Your Television

When it comes to the glory of God and the salvation of men, there is no such thing as a ‘nuance’ of theology that may be ignored for the more important work of the Gospel. The glory of God is why we, as Christians, exist and the salvation of men is the result of the […]

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