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We Have Arrived

H.L. Mencken (born 1880 – died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic — and a Democrat. He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun; it appeared in the July 26, 1920, edition: As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. […]

When Politicians Substitute gods for God

They follow a pattern as old as man and most assuredly a pattern as spelled out in I Kings 12:21, 31-33. Men in Adam will always find an excuse to abandon the Word of God as the only safe guide for society. This is particularly so in the passage we refer to today. The kingdom […]

The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions

Yet another reason to homeschool…..

Nullification–The Documentary

Have you ever wondered where the bloated, tyrannical, imperialist thing we call the federal government came from? Do you know who came up with the concept? Alexander Hamilton. That scoundrel. At the time, we had two choices regarding how the government would operate; either Thomas Jefferson’s ideal of limited government, or, Hamilton’s ideal of what […]

Epistemological Problems of Sufficient Magnitude

The issue of knowledge, or epistemology in theology-speak is always an interesting study for any true theologian. This short, humorous video may be a good introduction to recognizing, as John Frame would say, “How we know what is”:

Ray Stevens: Throw The Bums Out!

America Rising – An Open Letter To Politicians

This is a powerful video. So many who voted in Barack Hussein Obama as President are now regretting their choice, and for good reasons. It’s hard to remember when such open corruption has manifested itself in our nation’s government. Will 2010 be the year that American’s rise up and ‘clean house’? Or will Obama and […]

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