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The Other Olympics

My interview with Bob Costas….. “Bob Costas everyone. Let me remind you all that while we are enjoying the excitement of the 2014 Winter games here in Sochi, there is another Olympic games running concurrently in Virginia, USA, the 2014 Olympic Gardening Games. Last night, I had the privilege to speak with two-time Vegetable Gardening […]

Olympics 2012: Michael Phelps & Gabby Douglas

Michael Phelps won his last individual race in the Summer Olympic men’s 100 meter butterfly. This was a pretty amazing race to watch. Phelps, in 7th place more than halfway through the race still manages to win gold. I still find it hard to believe, but, every time I watch it, the guy still wins. […]

NYC Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Planned

This is a PJTV exclusive interview with Alan Craig, who stopped the building of a London Mega-Mosque by the 2012 Olympic site. Craig talks about the construction of a $100M Mega-Mosque by Ground Zero in NYC, and how it can possibly be stopped without causing a deadly rift. The mosque, planned to be built two […]

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