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Joel Beeke Goes Ecumenical, Joins the New Calvinist March Back to Rome

The post below was originally written July of 2012 by Ralph Ovadal and Ivan Foster. It contains much information (and links) revealing how Dr. Joel Beeke has left the solid foundations of Biblical theology and compromised himself in the New Calvinist march back to Rome – a road on which all new calvinists are walking, […]

August 19

How Much Do You Really Know About C.S. Lewis?

In light of the incredible popularity of the writings, videos and quotations of C.S. Lewis among evangelicals (and especially new Calvinists), I thought it helpful to get a more accurate portrait of Lewis than what those promoting him have been giving. The following article of research on Lewis is by David Cloud. Link is at […]

August 13

New Calvinists in An Active Roman Catholic Monastery

Where, pray tell, is the stand against Romanism? – JT From Ralph Ovadal: “When are star-struck evangelicals going to wake up and stop blindly following grossly compromised celebrity ministers? I am talking specifically now about even men who supposedly hold the line and contend for the faith but who “say, and do not”—men such as […]

August 08

Brothers in Arms: Al Mohler & Rick Warren

Not to be negative, mind you, but since when did throwing your arm around a well-known heretic in brotherly affection edify, encourage, or comfort the Church? I’m just asking. Hey, Mohler tweeted it, he wants you to see this. Hugging women who are believers may, according to some, ruin a celebrity preachers reputation, maybe even his […]

August 03

Exceptional Piety or Mysticism?

Throughout much of church history there have, time and time again, arisen movements and behaviors within the Church, which many view as exceptionally pious. Our own day is no exception. Within camps of the new Calvinism movement, the popularity of this type of behavior seems to be on the increase, with no signs of letting […]

July 08

Backward Movements within the Church

Jay Miklovic of Dead Pastor’s Society has written a cognitive article on the backward movements currently popular within the visible church these days. The post is entitled The Ideal Time in History? and it’s a really good read which I recommend. In the article, Jay points out several groups that either claim for their movement […]

Subtle Dangers Christians Face

Christians, being in this world but not really at home here, are faced with great dangers from the world system and its people. The Apostle Paul has declared that victory over sin and all that it represents is assured by the faithfulness of God (Romans 6:14). But there is a danger of being deceived and […]

Every Christian Is A Missionary

Every Christian is commissioned, for every Christian is a missionary. It has been said that the Gospel is not merely something to come to church to hear, but something to go from the church to tell  – and we are all appointed to tell it. It has also been said, ‘Christianity began as a company […]

What is the spirit behind this performance?

A feature of New Calvinism is that it mixes the holy with the profane, and this, in my opinion, is because there is no fear of God before their eyes. The embedded video is an example of New Calvinist worship in practice. The scene is The Resolved Conference (2008) of John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church, […]

When Pastors Void the Law and Commandments

Pastors have forsaken God’s laws and commands, and in fulfillment of His many warnings and promises, He has forsaken America. As we look around at even professed Christians, we wonder why Christianity does not keep “believers” out of the worse sins of the world: murder, theft, fornication, adultery, sodomy, &c. We see even adulterers and […]

Why You’ll Never See Me at A Passion Conference

The Passion 2013 conference had a long line-up of celebrity performers. Speakers included Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Judah Smith and John Piper. Worship was led by Chris Tomlin, Lecrae, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, David Crowder, Jesus Culture, and more. Some 60,000 young people from all over the world gathered together on New Year’s […]

April 22

Is there such thing as a ‘good man’?

Today a very common thought and teaching was tweeted by New Calvinist Burk Parsons: It's not hard to be a good man, it's impossible. — Burk Parsons (@BurkParsons) April 22, 2013 Is this true? What does God’s Word tell us? Who should we believe? A good man will obtain favor from the Lord, But He […]

April 17

Book Review: The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller

Review by Dr. E.S. Williams In his booklet The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness (2012), Dr Timothy Keller, according to the descriptive blurb, is showing that “gospel humility means we can stop connecting every experience, every conversation with ourselves and can thus be free from self condemnation. A truly gospel humble person is not a self hating […]

April 16

George Muller, J. Hudson Taylor & China’s Forced Abortion Policy

What does forced abortion in China, George Müller and J. Hudson Taylor have in common? Seem like a far-fetched question? Think again. Müller, of course, is best known for his work with orphans. He also founded the Scriptural Knowledge Institution (SKI). Müller’s Institution was a main-stay of Hudson Taylor’s China Inland Mission in its early […]

April 16

Some New Thing

For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing. – Acts 17:21 We live in an age when there is a great desire for that which is novel and different. The trend seems to be that what is old […]

The Futility of Contextualizing the Gospel

There is only one way in which the Church of Jesus Christ expands. It is not by contextualizing the Gospel, or trying to make the Gospel relevant to modern culture. Such silliness is futile according to Scripture. There are a plethora of marketing plans, business models and other man-made innovations, many of which are promoted […]

The Church of Anti-Christ is Here

The New anti-christian church will not be Catholic, it will be ecumenical and “reformed” in name and word (unregulated in worship, just like Rome and the 60s), and Popular, but like the Man of Sin (spiritual, political leader), “Lawless” (antinomian–New Covenant Theology), maybe even with “signs and wonders” (charismatic alliance) to “deceive many”.  It’s really […]

Todd Friel, Please, Take Your Own Medicine

If what Todd Friel says in the video below is true, then why hasn’t Todd Friel ever scrutinized or challenged John MacArthur, who, by the way, denies that Jesus is King with a kingdom and denies that Jesus, right now, exercises his full divine will over the earth? Nah, Todd won’t do that, because he’s […]

The Compromise of Lecrae and Those Who Promote Him

‘Holy’ hip-hop artist Lecrae has won a Grammy award. But he wouldn’t want to be called a holy hip-hop artist, or even a Gospel artist. Tell that to those who promote him, like the Gospel Coalition, John MacArthur and Grace-to-You, or John Piper and his Desiring God ministries. Why wouldn’t he want to identify with […]

The Primary Business of the Christian

As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts which were yours in your ignorance, but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”– I Peter 1:14-16 (NASB) Neither church planting, discipleship, apologetics, missionary […]

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