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October 02

Grace Unplugged…Plugged.

It seems like everyone is pretty excited about the release of the new film, Grace Unplugged. I have no doubt this film will be incredibly popular. From the Grace Unplugged facebook page: Grace Trey aspires to more than just singing at church. When she begins tasting the stardom she’s always dreamed of, will it lead […]

A Really Good Movie

We recently sat down and watched the 1939 classic John Ford film, Drums Along the Mohawk starring a very young Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert. This is a classic film. Set in early America during the settling of the North American colonies and at the outbreak of the Revolutionary war, you’ll wonder whatever happened to […]

How Google and Facebook Hide What You Like

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War Horse

This looks like my kind of film…

Charles Spurgeon Movie

The Walter Mitty Complex

You may recall James Thurber’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty , a short story turned into a movie in 1947 with Danny Kaye in the starring role. Mitty is a character stuck in a very mundane life who escapes the bounds of that life via a very active imagination. He imagines himself various dashing […]

Two Movies to See

In development since 2004, Dreamwork’s Puss in Boots is obviously a must-see for all you cat people out there (of which my family is) and may – may – mind you, even be enjoyable to all you dog people out there (but, seriously, consider turning from your ways). Next up, is Pixar’s ‘Brave’, which we’ll […]

Thank You Veterans

… of the Confederate States of America. “You are the first brigade!” Death of Jackson The Confederate Anthem

One Way to Court A Woman…and Fire Up An Army

Yes, it’s true, I am trying to get you to watch this movie. It is excellence. Rent it, buy it, but watch it and learn from it. It is Henry V, and Kenneth Branagh. Lessons in courting a woman are always beneficial…if you’re still single…(Ethan A.), and often as in this case, humorous, but first, […]

Nullification–The Documentary

Have you ever wondered where the bloated, tyrannical, imperialist thing we call the federal government came from? Do you know who came up with the concept? Alexander Hamilton. That scoundrel. At the time, we had two choices regarding how the government would operate; either Thomas Jefferson’s ideal of limited government, or, Hamilton’s ideal of what […]

Must-See Movies: The Conspirator

While an angry nation seeks vengeance, a young union war hero must defend a mother accused of aiding her son in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Directed by Robert Redford, the film stars James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, Evan Rachel Wood, and Tom Wilkinson.   As most readers of 5ptsalt are aware, I […]

John Piper: The Bible Isn’t Boring…Avatar Is!

‘Creation’ Movie Debuts in U.S.

Christine Dao, of the Institute for Creation Research reports how evolutionists, increasingly reluctant to publicly debate creationist have gone Hollywood. Their books, ‘scientific findings’, etc are having less impact, so, why not try something new? A movie, that’s the ticket. But is the goal of manipulating the publics love for popular culture working? It hasn’t […]

Evolution Challenged At ‘Ground Zero’ – Darwin’s Galapagos Islands

Be sure and check out this new film on Darwin…on his own turf nonetheless. Looks very good!!! See the first two trailers below.  – JT ‘The Mysterious Islands’: New Galapagos Film Challenges Evolution on ‘Ground Zero’ of Darwinism “SAN ANTONIO, Texas — September 8, 2009 — As the world prepares to celebrate the 150th anniversary […]

Family Time: ‘Puritan Picks’ Offers Christ-Centered DVD Movies

Can’t find anything decent from Blockbuster for your family? Well, here’s a possible option for you. ‘Puritan Picks’ I’ll let them describe who they are…. “We are Christians who have been greatly encouraged by the writings of the Puritans. We have also been greatly encouraged by the increased amount of faithful video’s and films being […]

Tim Conway: Do You Watch The Things God Hates?

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