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The Truth About New Calvinism – Its History, Doctrine & Character (Vol. 1)

There’s a new book that many readers of 5ptsalt may want to check out. I’ve been reading the authors blog for awhile now, and, I have to say, it has my attention. In fact, I just received a copy of it today in the mail from the author. [Note: This is not a formal book […]

The Reformed Downgrade: Exposing New Calvinism

Here is a highly recommended program series you need to hear if you desire a greater understanding of the dangers of the New Calvinism movement. 1. The first is entitled There Are No More Puritans! This program profiles key leaders of the movement and highlights some of their erroneous beliefs and teachings. Among those profiled […]

Mark Driscoll Explains the Warlock Thing

Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill apparently has decided to explain his tweet about the converted warlock. In said explanation he tells us: I told him that it seemed to me that Jesus saved his life and his soul, and that Jesus spoke to him personally. Simply, I was blown away at the evidence of […]

Mark Driscoll Claims Extra-Biblical Revelation from Jesus

And she just starts bawling. She says, “How did you know?” I said, “Jesus told me.” For years now, many have warned the Church of Mark Driscoll, including myself, and for good reason. Many good reasons. However, Driscoll is not the only concern out there. But he certainly is a leader in an erroneous belief […]

Mark Driscoll: “Cessationism is Worldliness”

The audio below is an excerpt from a talk Mark Driscoll gave on the four distinctives of what he calls the "New Reformed" movement, i.e. new calvinism, which basically is an attempt to combine reformed theology and charismatic theology. Now, we have an old saying where I come from and it’s this: That dog won’t […]

February 21

The Missional Church: An Attempt to Combine the Great Commission with Unbiblical Ideas

There are very disturbing ideas being promulgated in these modern times regarding the Church of Jesus Christ. It is being done not only by those on the proverbial religious fringe, but within mainstream protestant denominations; and not only that but by highly popular, and very public, so-called ‘new calvinists’ preachers and conference speakers. I say […]

The Average Evangelical

…is pagan.   Mark Driscoll. He’s right.  

Rick Warren Kicks Off ‘Radicalis’ Conference

From the Christian Post: "Radicalis" kicked off Tuesday at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. Attendees recited a prayer and a declaration of allegiance to God that Warren composed and will make available online for Christians to sign. The prayer affirms one’s commitment to "being a radical in the truest sense of the word: rooted […]

SBC Asked to Remove Mark Driscoll Writings From Bookstores

Mic 1A:  Dr. Jim Wilson, FBC, Seneca, MO moved: “…to remove Mark Driscoll’s books from our bookstores, because of the reputation of abusive language, known as ‘the cursing pastor,’ allegations of his promotion of use of alcohol, and that’s not an allegation, but also his allegations and promotions of sex toys on his web site, […]

Southern Baptist Convention 2009 Afternoon Motions: Pepsi Cola, Mark Driscoll, Regenerate Membership, Vulgarity, Etc.

Part 2

The Merger of Calvinism And Worldliness

The title alone seems an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Calvinism merging with worldliness? Say it isn’t so. Ah, but have we forgotten about the ‘new’ Calvinism, with it’s charismatic grandeur, loud hip-hop and rap music used in conferences, services etc. Have the leaders in the forefront of the much heralded Calvinism resurgence adopted the ways of […]

Audio Messages From Advance ‘09

Here are the available .mp3 files from the 2009 Advance Conference hosted by Desiring God Ministries: Mark Driscoll: What Is The Church? Tyler Jones: The Resurgence of the Church Bryan Chapel: Communicating the Gospel Through Preaching Matt Chandler: Preaching the Gospel to the De-Churched Ed Stetzer: Keys to Understanding the Church and Kingdom J.D. Greear: […]

Emergent Village Hitler

It’s just too funny…..

Mark Driscoll: Pride vs Humility

Truth is truth isn’t it? Good message…. – JT Here’s a link to another good (actually, very good) message from Mark on the same portion of I Peter.  Note: If you’ve never seen Mark in a suit, you may want to sit down before viewing. 🙂  See it here.

John Piper Addresses Mark Driscoll/MacArthur Issue At Basics Conference

The remarks begin at around the :37 minute mark. Here’s a link to the .mp3 “Mark has stuck his foot in his mouth quite a few times….I would encourage no one to become coarse, filthy, trashy…” “With a certain young crowd, it’s hip, cool…I don’t think you’re mouth needs to be dirty to relate to […]

Dr. John Piper To Respond Concerning Mark Driscoll

UPDATE: Piper responded briefly during a Q&A session at the recent BASICS Conference….you can see the sidebar for the audio clip, or click here. I received an email from DesiringGod.org concerning Mark Driscoll and the ‘Rape of the Song of Solomon’ posts, as well as the statement issued by John MacArthur of his hopes that Dr. […]

Mark Driscoll Responds To Phil Johnson

After receiving a letter from Phil Johnson, Mark Driscoll responds…sort of. Is it helpful? Yes, it is, sort of. However, this video was originally posted prior to John MacArthur’s so very public rebuke, and, I might add, does not address the issues MacArthur brought up in the SoS posts. Driscoll states regarding the language issue: “For […]

Why Haven’t Piper And Mahaney Responded To John MacArthur’s Request To Address Mark Driscoll?

I’ve been spending a good deal of time trying to process all that I have heard, seen and read concerning Mark Driscoll. While I view the many videos and audio available by Mark, there is much that puzzles and disturbs me, and often, I even find myself saying ‘Amen!’ to the man’s statements. Then again, […]

John MacArthur: Ask Piper and Mahaney Why They Haven’t Addressed Mark Driscoll

NOTE: The latest post on this issue can be found here. In part 4 of the ‘Rape of Solomon’s Song’ Dr. John MacArthur addressed the need for Mark Driscoll, and his less-than-savory speech to be not only noted, but responded to by John Piper and C.J. Mahaney, as well as others. As Dr. MacArthur stated, “Enough is […]

Is Satan for Real? Mark Driscoll to Debate Deepak Chopra On National TV

WND reports this morning that a debate regarding the existence of Satan was taped yesterday (3/21/09) and will air on national television later this month. The debate was hosted by Mars Hill Church of Seattle. The debate, closed to the public, is scheduled to air on NightLine, March 26. Mark Driscoll, a pastor at Mars Hill, along […]

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