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February 22

Reformation Heritage Books, New Calvinists and the Roman Catholic Connection

Here is a vital question: Will the steward be found faithful? (I Corinthians 4:2) Can a gospel minister be considered faithful to Christ and His Word who promotes the sale of books by those who proclaim error and associate with the enemies of Christ? That is the question which must be asked about Dr Joel […]

Top 10 Posts of 2013 On 5ptsalt

1. How Much Do You Really Know About C.S. Lewis? 2. 5 Reasons Why You Should Spank Your Children 3. Incredible Video of Oklahoma Tornado, May 31, 2013 4. John MacArthur: Take the Mark of the Beast, Still Be Saved 5. Mark Driscoll Nailed for Plagiarism 6.  Brothers in Arms: Al Mohler and Rick Warren […]

Janet Mefferd Apologizes for Charging Mark Driscoll with Plagiarism

Hmm. Janet Mefferd now apologizes for charges of plagiarism against Mark Driscoll? With so much evidence? I smell lawyers, and a good-ole boy network. To borrow the words of Charles Barkley, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. You can listen to Mefferds explanation here.

Justin Taylor on Janet Mefferd

Apparently, Justin Taylor of the Gospel Coalition just cannot take the heat of Truth. After deleting many comments from this post, Justin finally laid this out to a commenter named Daryl, which reveals much about Justin’s loyalty to the truth before God [ More to come soon, Lord willing ]  : “Daryl, I’m not going […]

Mercy for Mark Driscoll

This post is intended to send a message, to myself and to my readers: You and I are not better than Mark Driscoll, and God is watching. Those of us who preach are far from perfect. In fact, if every preacher who ever made a mistake were to step down and stop teaching, there would […]

Mark Driscoll Nailed for Plagiarism

From Janet Mefferd: On Nov. 21, I conducted an interview with Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll. During the course of the interview, I questioned Pastor Driscoll about two sections of his book, “A Call to Resurgence,” which neglected to contain any quotes, detailed footnotes or attribution for his reproduction of another scholar’s thoughts and […]

Strange Fire Confiscates Mark Driscoll’s Books

Really? Phht.

Is the Bible Sufficient, or Do We Need New Revelation?

Thomas Williamson One of the unfinished items of business for modern theology is the question of the Sufficiency of Scripture. Is the revelation we have in the 66 canonical books of the Old and New Testaments enough for us to rely on for guidance in matters of faith and practice, or do we need new […]

New Calvinism, the Internet & the Fragmentation of the SBC

Wm. F. Harrell had some interesting things to say in a recent issue of the Baptist Banner. While I agree with much of the original article, I am pretty confident that when Harrell says ‘Calvinism’, he actually means new Calvinism. He discusses the Acts 29 network of ‘churches’ as well as Mark Driscoll, et. al., […]

Top 10 Posts of 2012

As the year draws to a close and with 2013 just a few days ahead, here’s a quick look back at some of 5ptsalt’s most viewed posts of 2012. A warm thanks to all who took time to visit. I am especially honored that you would do so, and I am truly humbled by the […]

New Calvinism & The Sin of Syncretism

The Gospel Coalition. John Piper. John MacArthur. Albert Mohler. Collin Hansen. Tim Keller. Justin Taylor. Don Carson. Russell Moore. Tim Challies. James White. Thabiti Anyabwile. Mark Driscoll… Those who promote holy hip-hop are committing the sin of syncretism, for they are seeking to worship the Lord by means of pagan hip-hop culture. From newcalvinist.com: We […]

5 Features of New Calvinism

New Calvinist has a two-part series of articles on “Who Are the New Calvinists?”  The Lectures by Ted Williams were delivered at the School of Theology, Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, on July 4, 2012. The lectures were read by Darren Cadapen, a member of the Tabernacle fellowship. From Part 1:  New Calvinism, The Gospel Coalition and […]

June 26

Bootlicker, Ignorant, Coward or Unregenerate?

Nowhere are Christian leaders more prone to kowtow to others as when their very careers and reputations may be affected by those to whom they allow serious error in exchange for favorable status to the masses, especially in these days of social media. Such is the case regarding John MacArthur.

Mark Driscoll, Jonathan Dunn: “We’re Starting A Record Label”


John Piper Loves Mark Driscoll’s Theology

That’s too bad. HT: TCANC Related articles New Calvinism: It’s Major Tenets & Sources (5ptsalt.com)

Mark Driscoll, T.D. Jakes, James MacDonald and An Elephant

Nuff’ said.

New Calvinism: It’s Major Tenets & Sources

Paul Dohse of Pauls Passing Thoughts has an important, ongoing service to the Church, namely, exposing New Calvinism (NC) for what it truly is: A movement rooted in Seventh-Day Adventism; a complex, mind-boggling, twisting of Scripture in order to systematize so-called Reformation doctrine with the false premise that it was once lost and is now […]

Old MacDonald Had A Conference

No comment…except, you know, for this one.

January 09

The Evangelical Will Kane Moment

Carl Trueman has done it now. I’m a little disappointed. You see, Phil Johnson wrote a piece called Evangelical Exhibitionists and Carl Trueman called it Another Kane Moment. Will Kane, that is, and that is what bugs me. I’ll explain later. Granted, Phil’s post on Mark Driscoll was a decent one, yet consider this: 1) […]

Justification Is Not of Christ Alone

I’m not even sure I like the title of this post. Not because it’s not true, but because it’s confusing. Let me explain. A few days ago I posted this piece promoting the book by Paul Dohse entitled The Truth About New Calvinism: It’s History, Doctrine, and Character  It’s worth reading. In fact, I think […]

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