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May 11

The Case for Closed Communion

by Thomas Williamson By “Closed Communion” we refer to the policy in which only members of a particular local church are allowed to partake of the Lord’s Supper when celebrated in that church. This is in contrast to the policy of Open Communion, in which any visitors who profess to be Christians and who may […]

The Beauty of A Simple Reconciliation

Some folks do things for selfish reasons. Others, like the Pharisees, do so to be noticed among men and lauded as spiritually mature. But not everyone. One Sunday, while my family was attending Radford Fellowship, a church plant by Paul Washer and the HeartCry Missionary Society, we were preparing to partake of the Lord’s Supper. […]

Why the Wine?

But why did He [Christ] add wine also to this supper and command us to drink thereof in remembrance of Him? I answer, this addition was for a very good reason, for thereby a further mystery of our salvation by His bloody death is explained. First, consider that man’s natural life is not maintained by […]

A Puritan’s Prayer: The Lord’s Supper

God of all good, I bless thee for the means of grace;    teach me to see in them thy loving purposes     and the joy and strength of my soul. Thou hast prepared for me a feast;    and though I am unworthy to sit down as guest,      I wholly rest on the […]

Don Johnson: Is Being Part Of A Local Church Important?

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