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There’s No Such (Biblical) Thing As ‘Lay Preaching’

  Sharing the Gospel is not ‘preaching’ in the biblical sense. Yet, too often, it is assumed and called that, when in actuality, it is nothing more than a rejection of pastoral authority. Preaching involves being called of God for the office, being set apart by the Church and sent for that specific purpose. 

Before You Preach Again

Preaching is no common matter to God. It is not common in the sense that He bestows His favor on just anyone who takes it upon themselves to do so. It is a gift of God, a calling, bestowed upon men of His choosing, an office to be highly esteemed, a place of honor among […]

The Case Against Lay-Preachers (Part 2)

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones continues his address against lay-preaching. (Part 1 may be found here.) Let us first look at it in terms of this question of a call. What is the preacher? Well, obviously, the preacher is a Christian like every other Christian. That is basic and an absolute essential. But he is something more […]

The Case Against Lay-Preachers

Every Christian should be able to give an account of why he is a Christian; but that does not mean every Christian is meant to preach. This distinction is brought out in a most interesting way in Acts 8 in verses 4 and 5. There we are told in the first verse that a great […]

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