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Homeless Blessing Bags

Matthew Henry, in commenting on Isaiah 58:7, said, “As sin and sorrow dry the bones and weaken the strongest human constitution; so the duties of kindness and charity strengthen and refresh both body and mind. Those who do justly and love mercy, shall have the comfort, even in this world. Good works will bring the […]

September 05

Praise & Magnify the Lord Jesus Christ

One of the ancients thought that he had been made solely for the purpose of admiring the sun. But, believing soul, you have been made a Christian, that you might admire Christ. His royal titles are Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace! I cannot tell you in what he is most excellent. […]

A Simple Act of Kindness

I woke up this morning with extremely baggy, blood-shot eyes. It was 4:45 a.m., and I could no longer sleep comfortably. Allergies. Never fun, but certainly a reminder that I am mortal, susceptible to the common ailments of man. I shuffled into the kitchen, flipped on the dim light and there it was. A wilted […]

The Healing Oil Of Reproof

Aulus Gellius, a first century Latin author, recorded a story in his classic (and only) work Attic Nights, of a man named Androcles. It is a common Greek name, but is perhaps best remembered in Gellius’ tale of this run-away slave who removed a thorn from a lion’s paw and later, having been imprisoned and […]

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