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Subversion of Evangelicalism

Many true believers are confused by the things they see happening in the church. Everything seems to be changing, and most changes are not for the better. Most evangelicals have seen changes in the worship and conduct of the Church over the last few decades. In many churches rock bands have replaced the organ, and […]

Matt Chandler: Total Depravity of…the Saints?

According to many Christians these days, Christians are wicked. Now, it is one thing to describe the Christian as being able to fall into sin, but according to Scripture, the wicked live there, they are enemies of God and they will not be in heaven. Matt Chandler in the video below declares himself as wicked. […]

Imaginary Treasures

We are all beggars at God’s gates. The difference between the hypocrite and the person who is truly humble, however, is this: One (the humble) is poor in spirit, while the other, who is even more empty and needy, acts as though he is rich, lacking nothing. He is living on imaginary treasure… – Jonathan […]

Jonathan Edwards: Eternal Punishment Consistent with the Justice of God

This is the sum of the objections usually made against this doctrine: that it is inconsistent with the justice, and especially with the mercy, of God. And some say [that] if it be strictly just, yet how can we suppose that a merciful God can bear eternally to torment his creatures. First, I shall briefly […]

Jonathan Edwards: Who Is This King of Glory? (Previously Unpublished Sermon on Psalm 24:7-10)

Yea, he entered there, not only to receive the glory of being king of heaven, but king of the whole universe, that he might have a name above every name that is named, both of “things in heaven and things in earth.” He had all power given him in heaven and in earth, and had […]

Jonathan Edwards: Christians Are Kings

When Christians are called kings, the Scriptures include both what they actually have in this world, and what they have in a future state. The reward which our Lord Jesus promised to his disciples was a kingdom, Luke 22:29, And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me. Christians, having […]

Being Still

Jonathan Edwards: It is absurd to suppose, that God is obliged to keep every creature from sinning and exposing himself to an adequate punishment. For if so, then it will follow, that there can be no such thing as a moral government of God over reasonable creatures. And it would be an absurdity for God […]

Steven J. Lawson: Resolved

An excellent summary of the most important resolution of Jonathan Edwards by Steve Lawson. For the last four years, I have spoken at a conference on the West Coast called “Resolved.” The name is drawn from the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards and is aimed at college students and “twenty-somethings” in the next generation. As an […]

Steve Lawson: The Use Of Your Time (Jonathan Edwards)

Steve Lawson goes over some of the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards that were written when Edwards was 19 years old. How do you use your time? are you living for the eternal? Are you living “with eternity stamped on your eyeballs?”….or self? Related Posts: Steve Lawson On George Whitefield Steve Lawson: The Invisible War Steve […]

The Pomegranate

Every Christmas morning, my family has a little tradition. We eat breakfast. Not just your average, everyday breakfast, no, we go all out –ham/sausage/bacon (yeah man), eggs, biscuits, grits -the works. I always enjoy that, because normally, during the year, I can only eat that stuff when the wife’s not around. This is different. I […]

God Glorified In Man’s Dependence

  GOD GLORIFIED IN MAN’S DEPENDENCE ADVERTISEMENT TO THE READER, RESPECTING THE FIRST SERMON.   “It was with no small difficulty that the author’s youth and modesty were prevailed on to let him appear a preacher in our public lecture, and afterwards to give us a copy of his discourse, at the desire of divers […]

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