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Subversion of Evangelicalism

Many true believers are confused by the things they see happening in the church. Everything seems to be changing, and most changes are not for the better. Most evangelicals have seen changes in the worship and conduct of the Church over the last few decades. In many churches rock bands have replaced the organ, and […]

A Call to Diligence in Christian Blogging

Today, popular blogger Tim Challies promotes a book by John Stott, a man who believed the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ came from monkeys. Of course, Tim is still (as usual) pushing popular fruitcakes like C. S. Lewis. Carl Trueman refers to the Roman Catholic cult as Christian. Justin Taylor of The Gospel Coalition […]

John Stott: The Lineage of Christ from Monkeys

John Stott. A lot of evangelicals (so-called) quote him. He’s not the only one. Those who readily quote John Stott also are apt to quote and write articles in praise of men like C.S. Lewis, a man whose Christianity was, at the very least, partially based, not on the Word of God, but his own […]

John Stott & The New Calvinism Hypocrisy

Many the world over are mourning and regretting the loss of John R.W. Stott, Anglican author. Obviously, many have been blessed by God’s work through him over the years, and all blessings from God should be returned with thankfulness. Yet there is perhaps no greater indication to me that I am not among the ‘new […]

John Stott (1921-2011)

Update: While we certainly acknowledge and remember the contributions of John Stott to Christendom, his (tentative) annihilationist views has always been a concern of mine, and moreso that many were unaware of them. Many of you insist that “he no longer believed in annihilationism” – I hope that’s true. If anyone has evidence to that […]

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