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The Health, Wealth & Prosperity Gospel of Evangelicals

I mentioned recently in this post, that, according to an NAE poll, over 65% of evangelicals hold to premillennial theology. One aspect of that which many have not considered is the plethora of promises being given to geo-political Israel which include the much despised teachings of Joel Osteen and the entire WOF movement: physical health […]

June 26

Bootlicker, Ignorant, Coward or Unregenerate?

Nowhere are Christian leaders more prone to kowtow to others as when their very careers and reputations may be affected by those to whom they allow serious error in exchange for favorable status to the masses, especially in these days of social media. Such is the case regarding John MacArthur.

Why Haven’t Piper And Mahaney Responded To John MacArthur’s Request To Address Mark Driscoll?

I’ve been spending a good deal of time trying to process all that I have heard, seen and read concerning Mark Driscoll. While I view the many videos and audio available by Mark, there is much that puzzles and disturbs me, and often, I even find myself saying ‘Amen!’ to the man’s statements. Then again, […]

Dr. Steven J. Lawson: Guarding the Gospel

By Pastor Steve Lawson at the 2009 Shepherds’ Conference: Paul is completely astounded and amazed. Why? That they should abandon the gospel so quickly that he had brought to them. (audio)

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