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Damning Indifference

Doctrinal indifference is not a sign of a Christian lacking knowledge. It is a sure sign of an unbeliever.

September 26

One Way to Destroy A Local Church

Suppose there is a doctrinal controversy brewing in a local church. Suppose again that the doctrine in question is one of paramount importance; a doctrine so fundamental to the Christian faith, that to reject it is to reject Biblical Christianity. Now, imagine two opposing camps within that fellowship, with the remainder of the church members […]

Dear Visible Church

Dear Visible Church of Jesus Christ, When the Gospel of our Lord is being assaulted by those within the visible church itself; when the precious simplicity of the Gospel is being undermined – and that by America’s most popular preachers and evangelists – then you need to wake up and stop not caring about God’s […]

Because Americans Have Become Lazy and Indifferent to Government Corruption

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