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May 23

Charles Wesley on the Dangers of Contemporary ‘Christian’ Music

Charles Wesley (1707-1788) is well known as a minister, poet and hymn writer. Even in his time, he was well aware of the dangers of music that was ‘fleshly.’ There is much in the lyrics of one hymn he wrote, which the Church, particularly young people who profess Christ, would do well to study and […]

A Highly Recommended Book

The Hymn has been of great importance to the people in the South throughout their history. In life and in death the ministry of the psalms and hymns have been a vital part of the fabric of life. Little is known about Southern Hymnology and almost nothing is known about Confederate Hymnology. A gospel minister […]

Jesus, He’s My Friend?

You are my friends if you do what I command you.– John 15:14 It is to be carefully noted that Christ did not here say, “I am your friend.” Just now there is a great deal in the more popular hymnbooks about Jesus as our friend. How few seem to appreciate the desire of our […]

The Use of Hymns in Congregational Singing

The reasons for insisting on congregational singing are few and simple, but they are incontrovertible: Only by such a service of song can we imitate the example of our Lord and his Apostles. The best and largest part of our churches call for it. If this part desires to sing the praise of God with […]

The Value of Traditional Hymns

From the Psalter all the way down to the Reformation, and through subsequent centuries, hymns have been clearly understood by the Lord’s people. They have lifted up the people of God spiritually and intellectually. They have expressed worship, and taught the great truths of the Word. The Bible first, and godly hymns second, have liberated […]

Atheists Don’t Have No Songs


October 20

The Old, Old Story [In Two Parts]

Arabella Katherine Hankey: Born: 1834, Clapham, Surrey, England. Some report circa 1846. Died: May 9, 1911, London, England. Miss Hankey, daughter of an English banker, was known as Kate to her friends. Hankey belonged to an evangelical group known as the Clapham Sect. The group was mainly known for its anti-slavery and pro-missionary stances. Hankey […]

Spurgeon On Songs Unworthy Of An Idiot

With the weekend here, and Sunday coming, I found this quote to be especially appropriate. How often do we sing hymns during the worship service with a mere whisper at best?? or perhaps with all the enthusiasm of taking out the trash? What song have you been singing this week with so much gusto? That […]

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