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Top 10 Posts of 2013 On 5ptsalt

1. How Much Do You Really Know About C.S. Lewis? 2. 5 Reasons Why You Should Spank Your Children 3. Incredible Video of Oklahoma Tornado, May 31, 2013 4. John MacArthur: Take the Mark of the Beast, Still Be Saved 5. Mark Driscoll Nailed for Plagiarism 6.  Brothers in Arms: Al Mohler and Rick Warren […]

How Pastors, Christians and Churches Damage the Cause of Liberty

Chuck Baldwin has written a cogent piece on the 2nd Amendment, gun-control and the dangers of apathy and pacifism among Christians and Church leaders regarding the cause of liberty in America. I encourage you to read it. – JT How long are Christians today who say they believe in the Second Amendment (and the rest […]

“The Best 7 Minutes Against Gun Control”

In this segment of his Virtual State of the Union, the Virtual President [Bill Whittle] talks about why politicians want to talk about gun control rather than crime control, and delivers the factual evidence and historical truths that make the case for the Second Amendment self-evident. For the latest from The Virtual President click here.

John Weaver: The Biblical Doctrine of Self-Defense

Pastor, Firearms Instructor & Author, Weaver puts constitutional issues into a biblical perspective. This video is an excellent presentation. Did you know that in early America, a pastor often had the finest firearm in the community, and usually preached with it resting behind the pulpit? Would to God it were so today. When God says […]

Communism Survivor Blast Gun Grabbers

malicious individuals, masquerading as Democrats,.. established … a dictatorial regime … in my nation called Communism, Socialism, Stalinism, Marxism, and whatever other named -ism you want to put on it. The reason why it was done was to take away the guns from the People. From Political Outcast: One of those freedoms that we Americans […]

Repealing the 2nd Amendment: Blinded by Spiritual Darkness

This video is not evidence of a special kind of stupidity. It is evidence of how the darkness of being spiritually dead not only ignores the biblical teaching of the laws of God, specifically, the sixth commandment, but also demonstrates the apathy and lethargy that is prominent in Americans who have grown far too comfortable […]

Former Secret Service Agent: ‘There’s no such thing as gun control, only people control.’

Dan Bongino, former US Secret Service Officer and former US Senate Candidate speaks at the Annapolis, MD Guns Across America Rally. Jan 19th, 2013.

John Piper: Christians Don’t Need Guns in Their Homes

Apart from written Scripture, Christians are never to arrive at final conclusions regarding instruction on life and godliness by the examples of men, ever, not even from missionaries or popular preachers. The written Word of God, alone, is God’s revelation to His people regarding such things. This counsel from Dr. John Piper, is most absurd. […]

Piers Morgan vs Ted Nugent

Piers actually fires an AR-15, and he’s not that bad of a shooter. Now, if only his thinking could be changed.

Stand and Fight


White House to Announce Gun-Control Plans Wednesday

Here’s the announcement from Washington: President Obama will unveil a sweeping set of gun-control proposals at midday Wednesday, including an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and limits on the number of bullets magazines can hold, according to sources familiar with the plans. The announcement, to be delivered at the White House, is also expected […]

Film: Molon Labe

“History has demonstrated time and again that, to the degree citizens are unarmed, government suppression and tyranny are inevitable. The Founders of the United States knew these lessons well. This is why the U.S. Constitution not only grants American citizens the "right to keep and bear arms" — but the DUTY to be well-organized as […]

Texas Straight Talk: A New Years Message to Congress

Congressman Ron Paul, like him or not, hits his target on the bull’s-eye on two issues in a New Years message to Congress. I only wish they would heed the message and act accordingly. Personally, I won’t hold my breath. First, to the Congress, “follow the Constitution in 2013!” Secondly, “Seeking total security leads to […]

Arkansas Town Under Martial Law?

“Let me see your papers!” This will be the phrase many in Paragould, Arkansas will be hearing in the coming days as Paragould Mayor Mike Gaskill and Police Chief Todd Stovall told residents on Thursday evening that due to the rise in crime they are putting forth an extreme solution; police armed in SWAT gear […]

Texas School District Allows Teachers to Carry Concealed Weapons

Texas school superintendent David Thweatt believes that armed teachers can prevent school shootings, and so, in 2007 the district adopted the Guardian Plan, a plan that allows teachers to carry concealed weapons. "My mantra has been this: As school personnel, with school children here, we are our first responders….My goal is that if someone comes […]

Yes, We Can Prevent School Shootings

It’s been argued that nothing, especially gun-control laws, could have prevented the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut and similar tragedies in other schools. I submit that such thinking may not be entirely accurate. God’s ordained board of education is the family. It is contrary to God’s Word to place the responsibility of children in the […]

Gun-free Zones: The Most Dangerous Place in America

The recent, highly publicized  shootings in this country are certain to be used to bring so-called ‘gun control’ to the forefront of political debate. Moments after the tragic shooting that left 28 dead in Connecticut at the hands of 20 year old Adam Lanza, Twitter was ablaze with anti-gun comments and calls for more laws […]

CT Shooting & A Devil’s Tear

Transcript: “This afternoon, I spoke with Governor Malloy and FBI Director Mueller. I offered Governor Malloy my condolences on behalf of the nation and made it clear he will have every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime, care for the victims, counsel their families. We’ve endured too many of these tragedies […]

Bob Costas’ Gun Control Remarks in Perspective

TNT: Ted Nugent Theology

Warning: Graphic language: The following contains strong, honest language, so, if you tend to be a pansy and hate guns, please, for your sake, do not watch this video. By the way, I’m just thinking….wouldn’t it be great if we could sentence every criminal to hearing the true Gospel before serving the rest of their […]

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