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Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam

Government surveillance never sounded so smooth. LYRICS You see me rolling around in a black Mercedes cruising around town and it’s packed with ladies Gotta keep it going yeah I’m roaming the map No I never stop until I find something to tap Awww yeah… [CHORUS] Nokia, iPhone, Galaxy 3 Facebook and your search history […]

Edward Snowden–When Truth Becomes Treason

“Brother Nathanael” tells it like it is, America….

Candidate Obama vs President Obama

See any difference?

CA Supreme Court to Hear Obama Eligibility Case

Two well known historical figures that have hidden their birth records and used falsified records, were Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. We all know how that ended. – Orly Taitz Press release from the Law Offices of Dr. Orly Taitz Breaking news! Supreme Court of CA to rule whether Obama should be declared illegitimate for […]

Your Door Has Been Marked

Here’s an older news story I was completely unaware of. After reading it, if you can’t answer the “Why?” question, then we need to talk. “Americans are terrorists if they own a bible, a pocket Constitution or guns, and still believe in Life, Liberty and Freedom. Obama and ACORN GPS is Marking EVERY Front Door […]

Decorated Marine Incarcerated in Psych Ward for Posting Thoughts

Brandon Raub, a decorated marine who was arrested by federal agents and incarcerated in a psych ward for simply posting thoughts and song lyrics to his Facebook page, discusses his ordeal and his thoughts about the state of our freedoms with John Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney and President of The Rutherford Institute. First, here’s John Whiteheads […]

Tyrannical Government

  Whenever the state commands something which violates God’s law, that government has entered into an area for which it has no divine warrant. It is therefore devoid of any valid authority at that point, and we can ignore or resist it with God’s blessing. It has become tyranny and not true government. – Robert […]

San Diego County Won’t Force Permit On Bible Study Leaders

(David Jones, a pastor in National City, holds Bible study groups in his Bonita home. (Peggy Peattie / Union-Tribune) According to SignOnSanDiego.com and a Union-Tribune staff writer, San Diego County has backed down from forcing a couple who has led Bible studies in their home for over 5 years to obtain a ‘permit’ to continue, […]

Congressman Ron Paul On Swine Flu And More U.S. Government Fear-Mongering

The grab for power and control has been going on since Eve bit the fruit — with Adam standing right beside her — and it’s been going on ever since. In more recent times than Eden, and particularly in the national history of the United States (well, since ‘the war’ it’s the United State, isn’t it?) […]

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