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The Power to Will and the Act of Willing

for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure. – Philippians 2:13 God works “to will and to do.” A great part of the controversy respecting free will arises from not distinguishing between a power to will and the act of willing. That such […]

God Refutes the Doctrine of ‘Free Will’

Yesterday I posted this article relating Memorial Day to ‘the feasts’ which Israel was to observe every seventh year and made some practical applications. In a parallel passage, specifically Exodus 34:23-24, there is an interesting addition to what God says He will do for all the males of Israel who are being required to come […]

The Prayer of An Arminian

The Exclusivity of Saving Faith

“…that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” – John 3:16 It is a remarkable commendation of faith, that it frees us from everlasting destruction. For he intended expressly to state that, though we appear to have been born to death, undoubted deliverance is offered to us by the faith of […]

Irresistible Grace: A Misconception Explained

The doctrine of Irresistible Grace is commonly misunderstood. Shane Kastler, Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Lake Charles, LA explains. Shane apparently has a heart for poetry as well. Here is a recent poem posted on his blog, The Narrow Road, entitled Sufferings & Glory. Very good! Sufferings & Glory (A Poem based on Romans […]

A Reader’s Concerns About Calvinism

Today we have a reader who has asked some questions that have been asked many times, albeit worded a little differently. I thought it might be helpful to answer them here just in case there are others pondering similar concerns. Hi brother, Just stumbled across your blog. I’ve recently discovered I am not a Calvinist, […]

Does God Compel Men To Act?

A.W. Pink   How is it possible for God to so bring His power to bear upon men that they are PREVENTED from doing what they desire to do, and IMPELL to do other things they do not desire to do, and yet to preserve their responsibility? It would seem that if God put forth […]

Salvation from the Pleasures of Sin

by A. W. Pink It is here that God begins His actual application of salvation unto His elect. God saves us from the pleasure or love of sin before He delivers us from the penalty or punishment of sin. Necessarily so, for it would be neither an act of holiness nor of righteousness were He […]

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