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Are Huckabee and Dobson Wrong About the Newtown Shooting?

Sound reasonable? or no?  

Salt Cellar (2/6)

A Kinder, Gentler Focus On The Family Jim Daly, who will assume the mantle from James Dobson, has a different methodology and set of priorities than his predecessor. ÔÇťAdopting a broader agenda and a softer tone also gives Focus on the Family a less distinctive niche in evangelical politics. Mr. Daly’s bridge-building style is similar […]

November 30

Why The Political Right Is All Wrong

Years ago, when in high school in Carmel Indiana, I found myself in what would become one of the most memorable classes I would ever take. It was a class that was entirely focused on the French Revolution. I cannot remember my teachers name, but he was good. I say that because I remember on […]

Family Time: ‘Puritan Picks’ Offers Christ-Centered DVD Movies

Can’t find anything decent from Blockbuster for your family? Well, here’s a possible option for you. ‘Puritan Picks’ I’ll let them describe who they are…. “We are Christians who have been greatly encouraged by the writings of the Puritans. We have also been greatly encouraged by the increased amount of faithful video’s and films being […]

James Dobson: Have We Gone Completely Mad?

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