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A Blow At the Root of Antinomianism

Monergism has released a free e-Book by puritan John Flavel entitled A Blow At the Root of Antinomianism. It is excellent (of course!). Highly recommended reading. Table of Contents 1. The Rise of Antinomianism. 2. The Doctrinal Errors of Antinomianism. 3. Error 1: Justification from Eternity. 4. Error 2: Faith a Believing we are Justified. […]

Lies My Pastor Told Me: Confronting 15 Church Cliches With The Gospel

Cole Brown has written a good response to some often heard – and believed- clichés that have permeated modern day evangelicalism. The e-book is free to download. Chapter headings include: Don’t Put Your Mouth on the Man of God! The Bible Is God’s Rulebook. This Is God’s House I Feel The Spirit I Have Peace […]

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