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The Meaning of Dogmatism and Doctrine

I believe that of all men Jesus was the most dogmatic. Having said that, let’s make sure we understand the meaning of dogmatism. The word “dogma” means “strict doctrine.” The word “dogmatic” means of a dogma positive in stating an opinion and arrogant When speaking of Christ’s dogmatism, we can disregard the third definition because […]

Heresy and God’s Word (Part 1)

It’s a strong, admittedly divisive word, sometimes used correctly, but more often than not, is defined slightly differently by Christians with so many nuances that it can be difficult to agree on what is and what is not, actual heresy. I’ve often been asked how I really know that certain teachings are heresy when maybe, […]

But We Glory In Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:3)

A most timely reminder from Bro. Bob Jennings: You want a simple definition of a Christian, a true Christian?  He is one who glories, who boasts, who rejoices in Christ Jesus.  His glory is not ambition, work, women, hobby, house, nor hunting trips.  One dear old lady, whenever convenient, would bring the conversation around to […]

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