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Why Some Christians Don’t Vote

Voting is a sin, and doubly true now, after the French Revolution. – J.N. Darby One reason many Christians refuse to be involved in politics and/or choose not to vote in political elections could be a result of the influence of modern dispensationalism as founded by J.N. Darby and the influence of others such as […]

The History of Rapture Theology in American Christianity

This video gives us an historical overview of the rise of rapture theology in popular Christianity and its harmful effects. Worth watching, because neither premillennialism, dispensationalism or postmillennialism makes any biblical sense. None at all. Millennialism is, in fact, one of the greatest heresies of our day. HT

A General Examination of the Presuppositions Of Dispensationalism

by Jon Zens Within a century from when John Nelson Darby started the idea of God’s two separate purposes in history (1827). it had arisen to a place of common acceptance among the Bible-believing movement in America, which then centered in Fundamentalism. There is an intense continuity of thought among dispensationalists. It is not difficult […]

Dispensationalism & The Bible

  by Jon Zens We wish now to come to the Scriptures and compare its teaching to that of Dispensationalism. We will seriously challenge the essential principles of this system in light of the clear statements of the Bible. The following study is intended to be suggestive. That is, since we cannot go through the […]

Tim Conway: Dispensationalism – Is It Biblical?

So many people have seen the Left Behind series or grown up in a building like John Hagee’s…but is everything they teach biblical or not? As a system of theology, I believe it is false! John Nelson Darby, C.I. Scofield, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Charles Ryrie and others at Dallas Theological Seminary, have brought great confusion to myriads of […]

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