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The Biggest Political Lie of 2012


Arkansas Town Under Martial Law?

“Let me see your papers!” This will be the phrase many in Paragould, Arkansas will be hearing in the coming days as Paragould Mayor Mike Gaskill and Police Chief Todd Stovall told residents on Thursday evening that due to the rise in crime they are putting forth an extreme solution; police armed in SWAT gear […]

When Government Is Lawless, What Is The Christian To Do?

On January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln, thwarted by his cabinet in the desire to compensate slave owners for the loss of legal property under the Constitution, violated the Constitution, by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. The effect of the act was not to free the slaves, but rather to enslave the whole of American society. Such […]

Why Oath Keepers Are Under Attack

Who are the Oath Keepers? It should be anyone serving the American public who ever took one. Obviously, that idealistic wish isn’t reality. But this organization wants to make it so. Go get ‘em guys. From the Oath Keepers: SUMMARY LIST OF ORDERS WE WILL NOT OBEY: 1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm […]

The Heart & Soul of A Totalitarian Government

Exodus chapter 8-10 describe the very heart and soul of any totalitarian state or government. It’s too bad that we, as Christians in America, have not paid better attention over the last, oh, 20 generations. You know the narrative. God instructs Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go, and Pharaoh’s heart is hardened. […]

Sheriff Arpaio: Obama Birth Certificate A Forgery, Finds ‘National Security Threat’

"For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous." – United States Founding Father, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, "Father of the American Revolution", Samuel Adams In case you missed the live stream of Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference (July 17, 2012) resulting from an intensive investigation of President Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold his current […]

Top Ten–Only in America

1) Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000 a plate  campaign fund raising event. 2) Only in America could people claim that  the government still discriminates against black Americans when we have a  black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal  workforce is […]

America, Land of the Freebies

The folks who are getting free stuff, don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff. The folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free […]

Davy Crockett vs. Welfare

Congress has no power to appropriate this money as an act of charity. Every member upon this floor knows it. We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of […]

Because Americans Have Become Lazy and Indifferent to Government Corruption

Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

On 2 August 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force to restore it. These Americans wanted honest, open elections. For years they had asked for state or Federal election monitors to prevent vote fraud — forged ballots, secret ballot counts, and intimidation by armed sheriff’s deputies — by the local political […]

The Destruction of American Institutions

I am currently reading The War Between the States by Alexander H. Stevens – A Constitutional View. It is a wonderful, and I deem a necessary read to anyone who has the desire to be truly educated on the history of America. In 1787, at the close of the secret meetings of the Constitutional Convention, […]

An American President Hunts Down–and Kills–American Citizens

If you ever  wanted to compare President Obama to Abraham Lincoln, here’s the ultimate parallel:  Both Lincoln, and Obama, ordered the killing of American citizens. Put that on your AttackWatch list. Terrorist or not, the President of the U.S. has no authority from God or the Constitution of the United States, to order murder. This […]

Peaceful Republic or Police State?

Judge Napolitano on how our freedoms have been systematically wiped out since the Constitution was signed…

The “Thug Life”?

Is this the fruit of ‘holy hip-hop’? By all means, you tell me. Do you see Christ, or the world? Don’t lie. If you play like the world,  you ARE the world. HT: Alittleleaven

Obama Czar Urges U.S. To Give Up Sovereignty To U.N.

White House science czar John Holdren has called for the U.S. to surrender sovereignty to a “planetary regime” armed with military power to enforce population limits upon nations and prevent perceived dangers from global eco-disasters, Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reports. …. Holdren acknowledged the United States would have to surrender sovereignty to the planetary regime […]

America Rising – An Open Letter To Politicians

This is a powerful video. So many who voted in Barack Hussein Obama as President are now regretting their choice, and for good reasons. It’s hard to remember when such open corruption has manifested itself in our nation’s government. Will 2010 be the year that American’s rise up and ‘clean house’? Or will Obama and […]

An American Idea – Distrust Of Government

At the heart of the American idea is the deep distrust and suspicion the founders of our nation had for government, distrust and suspicion not shared as much by today’s Americans. Some of the founders’ distrust is seen in our Constitution’s language such as Congress shall not: abridge, infringe, deny, disparage, violate and deny. If […]

Americans Already Turning on the Party of “Hope”

Ingrid Schlueter of the CrosstalkBlog knocks one out of the park. Going…going…gone! “When history is written for this age, if anybody can actually read or write at that point, it will be noted how Americans brought the roof down on themselves. Having just elected the most radical President and Congress in U.S. history, Americans are […]

The Christian & Treason – Statism Is Idolatry

  by John Weaver What is treason? The Christian must answer that treason is unfaithfulness to God and His law. Idolatry is treason because it seeks to overthrow God and His law system. It seeks to replace God with an alien authority and God’s law with an alien system. Disobedience and unfaithfulness to God is […]

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