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A Puritan’s Prayer: The Gift of Gifts

O Source of all Good, What shall I render to Thee for the gift of gifts, Thine own dear Son, begotten, not created, my Redeemer, Proxy, Surety, Substitute, His self-emptying incomprehensible, His infinity of love beyond the heart’s grasp. Herein is wonder of wonders: He came below to raise me above, He was born like […]

Spurgeon on Consecration

Give your second best never. AM393 Let me be as the bullock which stands between the plough and the altar, to work or to be sacrificed; and let my motto be, “Ready for either.” ME14 Jesus gave both his hands to the nails, how can I keep back one of mine from His blessed work? […]

A Puritans Prayer: God Honoured

O GOD, Praise waiteth for thee, and to render it is my noblest exercise; This is thy due from all thy creatures, for all thy works display thy attributes and fulfill thy designs; The sea, dry land, winter cold, summer heat, morning light, evening shade are full of thee, and thou givest me them richly […]

Douglas F. Kelly: Prayers – Perfumed By His Blood

It is easy to speak about Christianity and doctrine and theology and morals and ethics. But in their hearts, many people want to know, “Can God be real for me? Can I touch Him? Could He touch me? Can things in my life be different because of God’s moving and making that difference?” Let me […]

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