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Congressman Trey Gowdy Silences Obama Loving Mainstream Media in 3 Minutes

Republican congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina asks the media questions on Benghazi. This is epic. Boom.

Reagan vs. Obama: Social Economics 101

November 17

America – Under A Permanent State Of National Emergency Since 1933

The following is a must read excerpt by Greg Loren Durand from his book “America’s Caesar: The Decline And Fall Of The Republican Government In The United States Of America”. If you, like many recently, are concerned about the possibility of living under a ‘state of emergency’, or ‘martial law’ being declared in America, then […]

Federal Lawsuits Aim To Force ‘Gay Marriage’ on U.S.

This morning the Baptist Press reported this piece on a series of federal lawsuits in progress that, if successful, would overturn a relatively obscure 1996 law signed by former president Clinton.   WASHINGTON (BP)–Thirteen years after the Defense of Marriage Act breezed through Congress with bipartisan support, a series of new federal lawsuits threatens to […]

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