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The Twelve Doctrines of Christmas

This is classic! Christmas humor, reformed style.

Helicopter Loads Christmas Trees into Trucks with Flawless Perfection


Christmas Time’s A Comin’

Christmas times a’ coming Christmas times a’ coming Christmas times a’ coming and I know I’m going home. Snowflakes falling my old home is calling Tall pines are humming Christmas time is coming. Can’t you hear them bells ringin’ bringin’ joy, joy hear them singin’ when it snowing I’ll be going back to my country […]

Feliz Navidad

The ESV & The Doctrine of the Virgin Birth

In the Greek text, Luke 2:33 reads: καὶ ἦν ᾿Ιωσὴφ καὶ ἡ μήτηρ αὐτοῦ θαυμάζοντες ἐπὶ τοῖς λαλουμένοις περὶ αὐτοῦ· The transliteration literally reads thusly: And Joseph was marveling, also His mother, at the things being said concerning Him. Yet, in the ESV – and I’m quoting the Reformation Study Bible from Ligonier – it […]

Glass Harp: Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky

The Story of God

The story of the Bible in 10 minutes. Written and Performed by Matt Papa.

The Attempt to Eradicate Christ from Christmas

There is an insanity that pervades our nation. It goes from the top governmental office of president to the lowest governing body. It is the aim of our university system, the NEA and the whole public school system. It is seen in the radical work of environmentalists with their doomsday global warming power-play to enslave […]

December 23

An Open Letter to Christmas Scrooge

[Note: So there is no confusion, this was written in December, 2011. At the time, we were attending Radford Fellowship, a church plant of Paul Washer and HeartCry missionary society. The attitude described below was not characteristic of simply one man…..] Last Sunday I was at church and remarked how much I admired a young […]

December 23

Hark! The Heralds in the Welkin Sing

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. – Luke 2:10 Upon his conversion, Charles Wesley immediately began writing hymns, each one packed with doctrine, all of them exhibiting strength and sensitivity, both beauty and theological brawn. he […]

December 22

The Obligatory Christmas Post

by David Leach Here we are again at Christmas. When the small forces of Emperor Scrooge relentlessly engage the vast armies of Santa. The truth is – Santa always wins. Always. I don’t fight Christmas anymore. Oh believe me I did, I really did. I withstood it with ever Christian sensibility I possessed. It is […]

Carol of the Bells

Wow. This was a tough decision. Do I stay serious all day long and act, write like I’ve been sucking on green persimmons? You know, ‘long-faced religion’? Or, do I cut loose just the least little bit? As a former drummer (long ago), I kinda like it. Mannheim Steamroller (cover). Roll drums…..

A Reformed Christmas

What did the Reformers and Puritans believe the Bible to teach concerning Christmas, or Christ-mass? Is it lawful? Does Christmas violate the Regulative Principle? Can a Christian celebrate Christ-mass or Xmas? Is there such a thing as a Reformed Christmas? Read the article that this video points to and find out!

Christmas Books

If you know me, you know I love books. Old ones. Ones written by dead guys…and a very, very, very few live ones. But…if you were going to recommend a book, as a gift, to one that you loved for (not necessarily about) Christmas, what would it be? You tell us your recommendation(s), and we’ll […]

November 17

O Night Divine

I know, it’s not Christmas yet. Just wanted to make you aware of an exceptional Christmas album by my long time friend, brother in Christ, and multi-gifted artist Karl Hinkle. It’s a Christmas CD you may not have yet, but should… I can testify … this mans life has not been in vain. You can […]

10 Most In-Demand Gadgets This Christmas

by Diane Bullock Like it or not, the countdown to the holidays has begun. No sooner were the Halloween cobwebs hung across our front hedges than the warnings started coming that our shopping days until Christmas were numbered. Whether you’re eager to get in line (or online) early, or wondering which companies are positioned to […]

Christmas 2.0

Merry Hearts

C.H. Spurgeon: “And Mary said, My soul does magnify the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.”  – Luke 1:46, 47. Observe, this morning, the sacred joy of Mary that you may imitate it. This is a season when all men expect us to be joyous. We compliment each other with the […]

A Social Network Christmas

John Piper: Bad News–Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

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