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Q&A: Is It Possible to Teach the Cross and Sovereign Grace Without Being A Calvinist?

Q: Is it not possible to teach the Word, the blood, the cross, sovereign grace and death to self without being a staunch 5 pointer? A: Short answer? No. Because anything less than 5 point Calvinism, or, the doctrines of grace leads to – and is – unorthodoxy. Longer answer? Sure, one can teach these […]

The Prayer of An Arminian

Truth According to Godliness

Paul, a bond-servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, for the faith of those chosen of God and the knowledge of the truth which is according to godliness – Titus 1:1 How little is now heard, even in the centres of orthodoxy, of ‘walking worthily of the Lord unto all pleasing’! Will not […]

February 21

The Missional Church: An Attempt to Combine the Great Commission with Unbiblical Ideas

There are very disturbing ideas being promulgated in these modern times regarding the Church of Jesus Christ. It is being done not only by those on the proverbial religious fringe, but within mainstream protestant denominations; and not only that but by highly popular, and very public, so-called ‘new calvinists’ preachers and conference speakers. I say […]

Theology & Ministry: An Interview with John MacArthur

Last Week Highlights (8/22)

The top posts for last week: 1) A Response to Shai Linne – After being contacted by hip-hop notable Shai Linne regarding his recorded reference to God as ‘the hottest poppa’, 5ptsalt responds. The issue of the character of God is a beneficial discussion between believers. 2) How Not to Study the Bible (video) – […]

Sam Storms: The Reformation In France & The Amyraldian Controversy

by Sam Storms Amyraldianism…. “In other words, God has potentially saved all men through the redemption that is in Christ and thus salvation is hypothetically possible for all. God wills the salvation of all, provided they believe.” The Reformation initially reached France through the influence of Luther’s writings. Protestants there were severely persecuted, the culmination […]

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