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501c3 & The Free-Church Solution

For they went out for the sake ofthe Name,accepting nothing from the Gentiles. – 3 John 7 (NASB) From Hushmoney.org: A great many of the church’s problems today are a direct result of the church “taking” and actively pursuing a legal status that makes it inferior to, and a subordinate of, the civil government. The […]

Oh, Calpurnia, If Only I Had Listened

Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Caesar, is best remembered for her devotion and her warning to him not to attend the fateful meeting of the Senate on the Ides of March, 44 B.C. (so Shakespeare, following Plutarch). Caesar and Calpurnia married in late 59 BC., when she was only sixteen years old. According to tradition, […]

November 17

America – Under A Permanent State Of National Emergency Since 1933

The following is a must read excerpt by Greg Loren Durand from his book “America’s Caesar: The Decline And Fall Of The Republican Government In The United States Of America”. If you, like many recently, are concerned about the possibility of living under a ‘state of emergency’, or ‘martial law’ being declared in America, then […]

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