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April 22

Is there such thing as a ‘good man’?

Today a very common thought and teaching was tweeted by New Calvinist Burk Parsons: It's not hard to be a good man, it's impossible. — Burk Parsons (@BurkParsons) April 22, 2013 Is this true? What does God’s Word tell us? Who should we believe? A good man will obtain favor from the Lord, But He […]

Semper Reformanda

  The phrase “Semper Reformanda” in its original context: “The church is reformed and always being reformed according to the Word of God.” (Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei) Thus, the church is not “always reforming” but “always BEING reformed” by the Holy Spirit in accordance with God’s Word. If a church uses “semper […]

Burk Parsons on R.C Sproul

Interesting look at what it’s like to serve alongside R.C. Sproul by Burk Parsons. Admittedly, I wanted to hear more about Christ in this interview, yet, we should indeed honor such servants of Christ Jesus.

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