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Sin, the Practical Blasphemy

“Sin is the Practical-blasphemy of all the name of God. It is the Dare of His Justice, the Rape of Hi Mercy, the Jeer of His patience, the Slight of His Power, the Contempt of His Love: It is every way contrary to God.” – Samuel Bolton, Sin, p. 25.

One Hymn That Should Be Banished From The Church

by Pastor Anton Bosch, South Africa Introduction In order to understand the meaning of any hymn, poem or piece of prose, one needs to look at the circumstances surrounding the writing of that work and the mindset of the author. One of the most famous hymns is Amazing Grace. The words of that hymn are […]

“Mass We Pray” – Roman Catholicism … The Video Game

Just when I thought I’d seen it all…. Here’s a new video game that claims you can worship the Lord without ever going to church again. That’s right, complete with cross-shaped game controller, you can now practice 24 types of idolatry and blaspheme God, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Why, for extra, […]

Tom Ascol: A Christian Response To ‘International Blasphemy Day’

Tom Ascol, head of Founders Ministries, has written an excellent response from a Christian perspective on today’s ‘International Blasphemy Day’, an event which is part of a art exhibit in Washington that will mark the first-ever day of International Blasphemy, (September 30th, ‘09) at the Center for Inquiry DC near Capitol Hill. Washington DC?  Don’t […]

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