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The Right to Be One’s Own God

[ Read more on Antinomianism ] The serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die! For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. – Genesis 3:5 This is precisely the power claimed and offered by […]

The Laws of A Nation Should Mirror the Law and Justice of God

Yet more evidence that ‘Gospel-only’ preaching leads to lawlessness and works against people coming to Christ. The error of pietism (George Mueller, et. al.) = New Calvinist error. Related articles The Law of God Promotes the Gospel (5ptsalt.com)

Marcionism, Dispensationalism and New Calvinism

Dispensationalism is the vehicle through which Marcionism has returned under the cloak of orthodoxy, with its antinomian battle cry ‘we’re not under Law but under Grace!’ No Reformer or Puritan would have tolerated lawlessness as fruit suitable to repentance; and yet, that is exactly what Dispensationalism has produced. And in an ironic twist, the theologically […]

The Law of God Promotes the Gospel

The great design of the law was, that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ, might be given to those that believe; that, being convinced of their guilt, and the insufficiency of the law to effect a righteousness for them, they might be persuaded to believe on Christ, and so obtain the benefit of the […]

October 05

George Mueller: Bypassing God’s Law for a New Standard of Holiness

The same kind of abstraction from the law [as puritan author William Gurnall] is to be found in George Mueller, one of the winsome figures of nineteenth-century piety. A basic motive in Mueller’s perspective was his anti-postmillennialism, (He was a premillennialist.) Mueller bypassed the law for a new standard of holiness, a dependence on faith […]

When Pastors Void the Law and Commandments

Pastors have forsaken God’s laws and commands, and in fulfillment of His many warnings and promises, He has forsaken America. As we look around at even professed Christians, we wonder why Christianity does not keep “believers” out of the worse sins of the world: murder, theft, fornication, adultery, sodomy, &c. We see even adulterers and […]

The Seeds of Lutheran Antinomianism

These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. – Deuteronomy 6:6 Martin Luther’s comment on the First Commandment of God’s Law, and on Deuteronomy 6:6 specifically, is a whopper. It’s also confusion begetting even more confusion. Read it carefully and take note of the seed of antinomianism, an anti-law position, […]

20 Statements Characteristic of Antinomianism

A most excellent post from SoundChurch.org: There is only one heresy, and that is Antinomianism. – Rabbi Duncan The following is taken from the article “Antinomianism” as found in The Encyclopedia of Christianity, edited by Edwin H. Palmer. As a part of the longer article, William Young seeks to provide a definition for antinomianism and […]

Legalism, Antinomianism & Christianity

Legalism says: “I will earn my salvation by obeying the laws of God.” Antinomianism says: “I need not worry about obeying the imperatives and commands of God’s law because Christ obeyed for me not only for my justification but also for my sanctification. It’s all grace, I need do nothing.” Christianity says: “I have been […]

The Law of God is the Christian’s Rule of Life

Historic Christianity had taught that the saints persevere to the end through holiness and sanctification. But not only did Fundamentalism undermine this truth by separating justification (the Christian’s standing before God) from regeneration (his inward state as renewed by the Holy Spirit); it also rejected the law of God as a rule by which holiness […]

Double Imputation–The True and the False

True: Our sins are imputed to the account of Christ, and His righteousness is imputed to our account. We are declared justified (in conformity with God’s law), but we are not made righteous. That is sanctification, a process never completed in our stay on earth. This is the biblical testimony. False: The righteousness of Jesus […]

The Heresy of Double Imputation

Hmmm…. From SoundChurch.org: “The doctrine of double imputation limits the efficacy and sufficiency of Christ’s atoning work on the cross while Scripture clearly teaches that the single imputation of Christ’s perfect-in-every-way sacrifice is enough to make us righteous before God. The doctrine of double imputation implies that works have merit before God. Somewhat ironically, a […]

A Blow At the Root of Antinomianism

Monergism has released a free e-Book by puritan John Flavel entitled A Blow At the Root of Antinomianism. It is excellent (of course!). Highly recommended reading. Table of Contents 1. The Rise of Antinomianism. 2. The Doctrinal Errors of Antinomianism. 3. Error 1: Justification from Eternity. 4. Error 2: Faith a Believing we are Justified. […]

Piper & DeYoung: The Pursuit of Holiness

John Piper and Kevin DeYoung discuss the pursuit of holiness. This is a really good conversation, and to start off the new year right, and spiritually profitable, I highly encourage you to watch this interview in two parts. It is well worth your time. Well done Kevin. This two-part conversation regards Kevin’s book, The Hole […]

December 31

Misrepresenting the Pharisees

Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and […]

Michael Horton’s Sonship Theology

Swinging from one extreme to another has always been an over-correcting problem in Christendom by those zealous for the truth. In this video, Horton goes from a ‘Christless Christianity’ to just as dangerous an extreme – Sonship theology. Horton echoes the thinking of the popular mantra’s of New Calvinism : “We must preach the Gospel […]

December 19

Q&A: The Obedience of the Thief on the Cross

Q. What obedience did the thief on the cross display? A. Everything required for salvation. Obeying the Gospel – believing it – is not only evidence of genuine faith, it is required for full possession of salvation in the end. See Luke 23. For those of you who think ‘good works’ has nothing to do […]

The 95 Theses Against New Calvinism

This is interesting. I haven’t read all 95 yet, but I’ve seen many of these teachings, some of which are patently absurd but believed by many –  becoming more and more popular and taught by some of the most visible and influential preachers and speakers…including but certainly not limited to, John Piper, Tullian Tchividjian, T4G, […]

The Uninformed Reformed

Paul Dohse: Most people in our day that call themselves Calvinists or Reformed are really New Calvinists. And most of them are young, uninformed, and misinformed when they are informed by New Calvinists calling themselves Calvinists. John Piper is an example of this. Is he a Calvinist? Hardly. Furthermore, the word needs to get out […]

Faith Alone Sanctifies?

J.C. Ryle: As to the phrase "holiness of faith," I find it nowhere in the New Testament. Without controversy, in the matter of our justification before God, faith in Christ is the one thing needful. All that simply believe are justified. Righteousness is imputed "to him that worketh not but believeth." ( Romans 4:5.) It […]

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