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Two History Books for Your Library

Here are a couple of books regarding history that I highly recommend and believe every Christian should have on their bookshelves. There are plenty more I will probably recommend in the future, but these two are a good start. In my opinion, they are “must-haves”.   1. History of the United States – Alexander H. […]

The Hidden Line [The Destiny of Men]

Here is a poem I ran across that well describes the peril of life–and death-apart from Christ, without hope. A portion of Psalm 95 is mentioned towards the end. The poem itself was written by Rev. Joseph Addison Alexander, third son of Archibald Alexander and who would become an assistant to Charles Hodge while at […]


Heaven is a reality, not seen by eyes of flesh, but made known by revelation, and received by faith. Heaven is a rest from toil, trouble, temptation, and sin. Such a rest is very desirable, if it were only a sweet sleep; but heaven is more. It is a state of delightful activity. Every faculty […]

Charles Alexander: The Puritan Age

“Contrary to popular ideas induced by modern publishing enterprise, the Puritan age was not a great theological age: it was a great preaching age. Most of its great men were parish ministers of deep piety and faithfulness, and roundly orthodox, but their works are largely books of their preaching, and not of theological erudition. “Owen […]

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