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Franklin Sanders: How Modern Society Isolates Individuals, Prevents Sense of Fulfillment

Pastor, author, speaker, and farmer Franklin Sanders discusses how modern life has isolated individuals by removing them from the protective institutions that helped them in the past – the family, church, and community. The sense of belonging and fulfillment can only come within a right context and understanding of relationship to family, place, and community.

Love, Hard Work & the Respect of A Father

I’m an agrarian by philosophy (as opposed to industrialism and the myth/lie of the philosophy of progress), and hold in high esteem the agrarian lifestyle – farming. It was God’s first vocational calling for mankind – tilling the soil to grow things. In Genesis 2:5, there was no man to cultivate the ground so after […]

Progress, Technology & the Producers of Aimlessness

The regular act of applied science is to introduce into labor a labor-saving device or a machine. Whether this is a benefit depends on how far it is advisable to save the labor. The philosophy of applied science is generally quite sure that the saving of labor is pure gain, and that the more of […]

The Puritan’s Strategy For Poverty Relief

In his Book of Martyrs, John Foxe describes two visits he paid to Bishop John Hooper. Both times, he saw Hooper’s table “spread with good store of meat and beset full of beggars and poor folk.”1 Upon further enquiry, Foxe discovered that Hooper’s daily practice was to feed the poor of the city in this […]

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