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Forget About Donald Trump’s ‘Moral Center’

Those of you who are slamming Donald Trump for lacking “a moral center” need to be reminded that Christianity is not primarily about morality. It’s about substitution. If you want to slam the Donald, fine, just don’t make morality your “Christian” argument. Otherwise, it becomes quite clear that you do not understand the Christian faith […]

Voddie Baucham On Barack Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr.

June 24

The Modern Carpetbaggers: Where Is the Real Danger?

I’m writing this to Southern folks who still have a love of their family and heritage; while others are happily being snookered in the enemy camp. “Honor your father and your mother” the Lord God said. Some of you still have a sense of family and want to obey God. Remember it is always better […]

July 04

John C. Calhoun: “All men are created equal” – A False and Dangerous Error

[Calhoun, the leading spokesman for the pre-Civil War South, denounces the principles of the Declaration of Independence. He argues that human beings are not created equal.] If he should possess a philosophical turn of mind, and be disposed to look to more remote and recondite causes, he will trace it to a proposition which originated […]

Six Myths About Abraham Lincoln

There is a good reason why the Lincoln legend has taken on such mythical proportions: Much of what Americans think they know about Abraham Lincoln is in fact a myth. Let’s consider a few of the more prominent ones. Myth #1: Lincoln invaded the South to free the slaves. Ending slavery and racial injustice is […]

January 17

Stonewall Jackson: Christian, Civil-Rights Leader & Champion of Black Literacy

For those who have drank the kool-aid flowing from the streams of the Lincoln cult and who disdain giving up the myths 1) that slavery and education have always been incompatible (see here for todays example); 2) that Confederate soldiers were ‘all’ fighting to keep their slaves and other such ignorant rubbish, you may not […]

Film: Still Standing – The Stonewall Jackson Story

This new film documentary on the life of Stonewall Jackson looks great for the whole family. Jackson is one of those truly notable Christians in American history. From Franklin Springs Family Media: His legacy as a military genius is widely renowned. Now, in Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story, his legacy as a man of […]

The Case Of Rev. K.J. Stewart

A constitution may be set aside by the political necessities of men in power; houses and towns may be destroyed under military necessity, and vested rights may be disregarded by men who seek to gain or maintain empire for the public good. But no cause can ultimately succeed, whose leaders openly disregard the rights of […]

Independent? Of What?

Just a reminder to you as you celebrate this weekend our nation’s independence from the British: The independence you celebrate we lost in the War of Northern Aggression after President Lincoln raised an army and invaded our own country, to rape, plunder and pillage the farms, families and land of the South in order to […]

Paternalism – The Dry Rot of American Government

The state cannot aid men without enfeebling their energies and imperiling their self-reliance. Such a condition goes on for a century or so, and by and by the people, who gradually have been losing independence and self-initiative, become an easy prey to the man on horseback…. The Treasury of the United States has been opened […]

The Nationalist Myth & The Fourth of July

This weekend, millions of Americans will gather in stadiums across the country to celebrate a myth – one that has been carefully constructed over many years to elicit the highest levels of emotion and devotion, while just as carefully concealing the historical facts which undermine it. The myth: we commemorate the birth of our nation […]

The Hind Tit

Andrew Nelson Lytle’s essay “The Hind Tit” is quite possibly the finest essay on the American condition I have ever read, and I knew someday would share it with the rest of the world. If you love American history – and even if you don’t – you will (I take that back, you may) […]

Is America A Christian Nation?

Last night I watched an amazing presentation by David Barton, founder and president of Wallbuilders, which is: “an organization dedicated to presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built – a foundation which, in recent years, has been seriously attacked and undermined. […]

November 17

America – Under A Permanent State Of National Emergency Since 1933

The following is a must read excerpt by Greg Loren Durand from his book “America’s Caesar: The Decline And Fall Of The Republican Government In The United States Of America”. If you, like many recently, are concerned about the possibility of living under a ‘state of emergency’, or ‘martial law’ being declared in America, then […]

A Nation Ruined By Rights

The following is from the forward of a small booklet by Dr. H. Rondel Rumburg. It is a reprint of an article written by Dr. R.L. Dabney in 1888 entitled “Anti-Biblical Theories of Rights’. In Dr. Rumburg’s words: “Even though first written in July 1888, the principles Dabney discloses are an index to the state […]

Recognizing ‘Presidents Day’

Well, in honor of ‘Presidents Day’, and since I am something of a history buff, I thought I would include today a couple of quotes that, when I first saw them, certainly raised my eyebrows. What say you America? Are you sure you know our history as well as you should?  John Adams, in America’s […]

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